Monday, August 27, 2007


I'm glad the Encyclopedia of Me is done. It was fun, don't get me wrong, but it was a big commitment too. We had a busy weekend. The Tramp started a new job today so he was a bit nervy all weekend and I'm having surgery on Wednesday which makes me a bit out of sorts too. The Tramp will probably roar with laughter when I say a "bit" out of sorts. I'm sure I'm not at all easy to live with this week.

So I'm trying to finish up a bunch of things before Wednesday. I've been working on my Extraordinary Chair (Christine Shively) and hope to have a photo of the finished product later today. I'm pretty happy with it. Since I won't be able to do any heavy work for a couple of months we did a bunch of yard work this weekend and now I'm facing getting this house as spotless as I can while I can. No fun!

The window people (Silverline) also called this morning and should be here around noon with the replacement bottom sashes. I hope they fit this time! All eleven new windows were we'll see if the guy measured right. As soon as he's done I have to clean all the windows and make sure they fit right. I cleaned the top of one and there's dirt and fingerprints between the layers of glass. So when I get them clean I'll have all the ones I don't like replaced again. Clear Choice assures me that they will make me happy so we'll see. I'm sure they want their money!

Ok. Work time. (sigh)

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