Friday, August 17, 2007

Encyclopedia of Me - M

M is for Muppet Show - The Tramp and I recently bought some DVD's of Muppet Shows. What fun it was to watch them. They seem a bit dated now but I remember how my kids and I made sure we didn't miss it each week all those years ago. In fact, it was so much a part of our life I used the show in another way. This kind of creativity is not my forte so I was very proud of myself for coming up with it! We timed the day in Muppet Shows. When my kids were bugging me about when something was going to know, "how long until dinner?", "when are we going?", "are we there yet?", etc... I would tell them how many Muppet Shows until the event. One Muppet Show until dinner. Two Muppet Shows until we got to Nanny's house. It worked nicely!

Sorry, I couldn't resist!

M is for Moon - For whatever reason I feel that as long as the Moon is in the sky in it's rightful place that all is right with my world.

M is for Margate and Montreal - My Mom is from Margate (Kent, England) and my Dad is from Montreal, Canada. And I'm just a Jersey girl. I'm loving North Carolina, but I doubt anyone will ever take me for a native! :)

M is for MR2 - The Tramp introduced me to first generation (Mark I) Toyota MR2s, a car I was totally unaware of. We currently have two of them. For a while we had three while The Tramp was figuring out which one to keep. When a friend saw them all lined up in front of our house he joked that we must be breeding them! The Tramp's is the Mr. 2 and mine is the Mrs. 2. :)

This is the Mrs. 2, much more matronly than The Tramp's snazzy supercharged version. :)
Right after her new paint job.

M is for Minnie - Minnie is the Sailor Son's dog. He wanted a picture of himself with her to give his wife before he left for boot camp. So Eldest Daughter did a photo shoot in her front yard. The boy-man and his dog. Hard to pick the photo I like the best.

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Sharon said...

How funny!! My oldest son collects all the Muppet things. He has tons of it. He loved it as a child and still does.