Sunday, August 5, 2007

Addition to Encyclopedia of Me - C

Today we went to Mom and Dad's for Sunday dinner. They are starting to put things up on their bare walls and my favorite quilted wall hangings were up.

C is for Cat - Mom is a very talented at appliqué. I guess this took her about a year. Hard to tell, she always has so many projects going. I think it's stunning.
C is for Chicken - But I really covet the chicken quilts. This one is up on the wall.A new one is on the frame. And a third one is just begun!The colors are wonderful.You can just see the pencil marks in the shape of chicken wire.
I want it!!! :)


Beth said...

You're Mama rocks...very great!

Thanks for stopping by the blog!

Sue said...

Your mother is incredibly clever, the appliqued quilts are gorgeous.

meggie said...

OMG, those quilts are just wonderful. Your mother is very talented! I can see why you want one. I love quilting & I also love dolls. I used to make my own porcelain dolls, but cant lift heavy things now, so dont make them any more. But I still have my large -too large- collection!
I have really enjoyed reading your blog, & will be back!