Friday, August 3, 2007

Encyclopedia of Me Meme - A

Thanks to Anina I'm joining in the Encyclopedia of Me meme. What fun! Of course I say that before I've written anything. LOL But it's worth a try! Lets see.... I wonder if I can find photos to include with each. What fun!

A is for Anniversary - August 8th is our third wedding anniversary. The Tramp and I have just moved into our third house in three years! It's taken all that time to figure out what living style makes us comfortable together. I think we've figured it out. Though I feel like we won't be really "living" here until all the rooms are painted, boxes emptied and and furniture set up the way we like it. The house is about 3,000 sq ft. Half of it is a 70's brick ranch and half was added in 2000 as a photography studio and offices. We will add windows to the studio which will give us a 23 ft x 25 ft living room. The Tramp and I will each have our own "study" and I will also have a big sewing room. Woohoo! The dark room is still here and we're looking forward to having fun with that too. I've almost finished painting and setting up the old part of the house and am looking forward to starting on the studio part this week. I can't wait!

We got married on Skaket Beach on Cape Cod. It was a picture perfect day. It was just us, my Mom and Dad (they were living on the Cape) and the Justice of the Peace. We talked it over with our children and decided it would be all of them or none of them at the wedding. They thought that would be "fair". Sadly, the schedule just wouldn't work out for everyone to be there. But thank goodness for phones and email. Photos were shooting around the world by the end of the day.

Our plan was to get married barefoot in the sand. Well in the pressure and excitement of the moment guess what we both forgot! My dad took the photo of our feet not even realizing what our plan was. It's my favorite photo from the wedding and (when I unpack it) it's going up on the wall again.

A is for African Violet - I love African Violets. I'm a sucker for the wonderful colors. Yum yum yum. Our previous house had the Perfect Window for them. Here, I think I'm going to have to put up glass shelves in some of the windows. Right now most of my plants are living on a folding table surrounded by boxes in The Tramp's study...sigh.


Tami said...

Happy Anniversary to you and the Tramp! That's great! Hopefully this house will be the one for the two of you to share for a long time. It sounds great!

Cassi said...

I love african violets too - I've always had at least one in the kitchen window. Yours look gorgeous! Happy Anniversary too!