Friday, August 17, 2007

Name Game Tag

As suggested by Anita, I thought I'd try Name Game Tag. This means going to Google Images and:

The rules:

1. Go to
2. Click on Google images
3. Type in your name and search
4. Repost the picture of the oddest, craziest, strangest, coolest, oldest, etc. person that shares your name.
5. Post multiples if you find a few you like. Then pass it on to at least 5 other people.

I tried both Katie and Katherine. Once I got past the photos of Katie Holmes and Katherine Heigl I found some fun stuff. First of all let me say there are LOTS of dogs named Katie!

Katie from Sesame Park (Canadian Sesame Street).

The charming Katie the pig.

Katie the donkey.
I assume this is self-explanatory.
Not sure what to say about this!

A place I should visit...
St. Katherine
And the lady herself...though it should have been listed under Katharine, not Katherine.
Please feel free to play the game!

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