Monday, August 20, 2007

8 Random Things

I've been tagged! Thanks Kathy.

1. I'm an ISTJ. It describes me pretty well.
2. I can't eat raw apple.
3. I was married the first time for 29 years. Weird how quickly it all becomes a distant memory.
4. I suffer from severe migraines. But I've been so much better since we arrived in North Carolina in June. :)
5. This is the first time in my life I've lived in a house with cable TV! Frighteningly, I've been an HGTV junkie since July. I'm getting over it now thank goodness.
6. I'm having surgery next week and I'm pretty nervous.
7. I still sleep with a small pillow. Left over from childhood stuffed animals I guess. I just can't get comfortable without it. I also like to have a little dog curled up against my stomach. I think it somehow relates to how a pregnant stomach felt.
8. My mother says I'm the most physically uncomfortable person she's ever met. By that she's referring to how she had to deal with a kid who was always "itchy" in some way. I was always complaining and particular about my clothes, which she was endlessly modifying for me. I was always bothered by something. I'm still that way...but now it's The Tramp's problem. :)

I feel I'm too new at this blog game to tag anyone specifically, I suspect most everyone has done this already. So please, go ahead if you haven't yet. And do it again if you have! They're so much fun to read. :)

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