Thursday, August 23, 2007

Encyclopedia of Me - S, T

S is for Susana - I was so sorry to hear of the passing of Susana Oroyan. I have all her books. I even have two of one of them. I was so eager to have it I bought it twice!

S is for Step-Child - A blessing. :)

S is for Santa - For several years The Tramp dressed as Santa for a "pictures with Santa" fundraiser for our local shelter in New Jersey. Poor guy, he was sooooo hot in that suit. It was really nice of him to do it...especially as he just can't understand why in the world anyone would take their cats and dogs for photos with Santa. He thinks Americans are pretty weird sometimes!

S is for Snow - What we moved away from.

S is for Smurf - My DIL is crazy about Smurfs. So I surprised them with a Smurf cake-topper at their wedding. She loved it!

T is for Tea and Toast - With butter and jam of course! My favorite food. :)

T is for The Tramp - How did I get to be so lucky?

T is for Tiffany - I went to the same church my whole life until our move this June. The church has a breathtaking set of Tiffany WWI memorial windows in the Chancel. The last time the Sanctuary was refurbished they used the color scheme that was suggested by Tiffany when the windows were installed almost 100 years ago. I miss it.

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meggie said...

I just love the Tramp as Santa!! with that darling little kitty.
And those stained glass works of art are breathtaking.