Wednesday, August 24, 2022


……getting the hang of doing this blog business on the iPad. Yay!  Tonight’s sunset, and a mass of peepers, crickets, and cicadas almost - but not quite - drowning out the traffic noise.  People with loud sports cars shouldn’t be allowed to drive at sunset! 😏


Thursday, January 20, 2022

Fun memories

Just a few days before Christmas I made a last minute trip to the State Farmers Market in Raleigh for a bit of Christmas shopping.  In the parking lot, much to my surprise and delight, I spotted the Wienermobile!  I went over to say hi to the Hotdoggers.  I was invited to step up and poke my curious nose into the vehicle and it really does have a blue sky ceiling and ketchup and mustard seats!  What fun! 😃  

I reminisced about visiting the Oscar Mayer "pavilion" at the New York World's Fair in the summers of 1964 and 1965.  I fondly remembered the Wiener Whistles my brother and I were given at the time and the nice young lady Hotdogger surprised me by unzipping a pouch she was wearing and handed me two!  What fun.  I sent a text to my brother who immediately said, "save one for me!"  It seems it was a fond memory for both of us.  How nice!

I don't remember if we saw the actual Wienermobile at the World's Fair, but I do remember going inside the Oscar Mayer pavilion to watch an animated movie/commercial as many times as our parents would let us.  The whistles came from a vending machine apparently.  I was nine years old and my brother was seven so the memories are a little fuzzy.  I couldn't find a photo or description of the Oscar Mayer venue at the fair, but I came across some other information and history and have included it here for the curious.  

The original Wiener Whistle.

The commercials were cute too.  Kind of hard not to memorize those jingles.  😁

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Brrrrr. Stay in and sew!

It's been a cold start to the new year.  It was only 20F when we got up this morning!  Last week we even had a couple hours of snowfall.  It was after a short stretch of warm days so nothing much stuck on the ground, but fun to see anyway.

These two like to bask in the sun whenever possible.  Yes, larger dog prefers the smaller bed.  

The Tramp and I have moved up to Bronze status at the dance studio.  It's a pain dancing with masks on, but at least we are getting out, meeting nice people, and having fun while getting some exercise. 💃

I joined Cornell Lab of Ornithology's Project Feederwatch again this year.  December was so warm there were hardly any birds, but now it's more winter-like they are taking advantage of what I put out for them.

I've arranged my sewing room so I have a comfortable place to sit and observe the feeders.....or observe Maisy sunning herself. 😊

Molli Sparkles has started a Cut It Up QAL (quilt along) this year.  His idea is for you to cut into the "top shelf" fabrics you've been hoarding because you like them too much to cut into them.  I was a bit stymied by those instructions as I don't really have anything like that in my stash.  Then I had an aha moment and dragged out several packets of pre-cut fabrics, charm squares and layer cakes, that I'd hidden because I don't really like working with pre-cuts.  And I came up with this combination which came together very well, if I do say so myself!  Instructions for the next step came out today.  😃

I've been beavering away at my Happy Village.  The blue "river" fabric was provided as part of the quilt guild's President's Challenge for this year.  If you google "a river runs through it quilts" or "a ribbon runs throught it quilts" you can see the concept.  The blue fabric has to enter and exit the 18" x 36" quilt at 3" wide.  This is the pattern/concept I chose for my quilt and I'm excited to see what other guild members have come up with.  Our deadline is the quilt show in March.

Also for the quilt show I'm on the ribbon making committee of two.  My co-maker is doing all the embroidery on her professional machine and I'm making the ruffles (on one of the vintage Singers!) and constructing. I have six(!) bins of batiks owned by the guild to pick from for the ribbons. These are the first four "test" ribbons and we need to make 68 more!  We met yesterday to choose fabrics for the special ribbons, Best in Show, Judges Choice, and etc.  Moving right along.....

Thursday, December 30, 2021

Sewing in 2021

It was interesting to go back through my photos and discover I actually did accomplish a bit of sewing this year.  Heh.  So just to prove I haven't been idle.....

The first project started in January was a temperature quilt.  I've managed to keep up with it and have only the November and December rows to finish.

A cover for my Bernina, using the Undercover pattern from ByAnnie.  And a simpler version for the mocha 301.

Bats for some of the grands.  Pattern by BeeZeeArt.

A new wallet for eldest daughter. 

Lava lamp quilt.  Pattern by Molli Sparkles.

15 Christmas stockings donated through the quilt guild to local service organizations.

Several sets of hanging tea towels for the guild's holiday boutique.  Now I have to finish a set for me!

Masks.  Always masks.  Among them a some for us and our new ballroom dancing friends, and more for grands to wear to school.  Pattern by Dhurata Davies.

Dragons.  Also a pattern by BeeZeeArt. I'm having a serious love/hate relationship with minky!

When concert venues started to open up again most of them had rules requiring clear bags.  So I made one for me and one for eldest daughter.  I adapted the Bigger on the Inside pattern by Erin Gilby of

A new outfit for Luna.  A summer dress and denim jacket.  (

The guild had several Zoom workshops.  This one was making a Notan motif.

Another workshop resulted in a very cool Mod Cat. Pattern by Linda Sullivan of Colourwerx.

And another taught how to make cute miniature quilts.   Amazingly, I had all the fabrics in my stash!

The Tramp requested a skirt/drape around his desk to keep the draft off his knees.

A quilting friend sent me a surprise yard of a cute sewing motif fabric.  It was perfect for valences in The Sandbox.  

Pillow cases.  There are always pillowcases being sewn.  This one was for me!

I quilted this huge quilt for my Sailor Son and his bride.  It is Frolic, a Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt.

Eldest daughter gifted me some clever t-shirts which I found a little snug.  I found a tutorial to add a wedge in each side seam.  I also added trim to the sleeve in hopes it would look more like it was made this way and not added to.  This was the first, and I went on to alter several more in the same way.

(Mary Poppins as the Morton Salt girl.)

Grandson, The Viking, is always finding me a sewing project.  I treated him to a cute stuffed dog, so of course he requested I make it a coat and mask.

And when he bought Pusheen and Stormy with his Christmas money we had to make the box into a bed, complete with a sheet, pillow, and fleece blanket.

Erin, of came out with a new bag pattern (Charlie bag) this year and so far I've made two.  I like a bag that converts into a backpack.

A few incidentals were sewn as well, clothing was repaired or altered, and more Christmas gifts that haven't reached their destination yet.  So that's about it for 2021.  

Happy New Year!!