Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Yesterday we had replacement windows installed in the old part of the house by Clear Choice. What a disappointment and we did not get the cheapest windows. The installer isn't so much the problem, it's the manufacturer of the windows, Silver Line (Andersen). The installer promises to make good (I'm not paying until they do) and I'm waiting for a representative from Silver Line to come to the house so I can vent about how awful these windows are. I don't care what all hype and promises they have on their pretty website, these are eleven lousy windows. Dammit!

You can't tell by just looking but when you start to use them it's obvious that the sashes don't fit the frames! I can move the locked windows up and down a half an inch (or more!) in their frames. So there is no weather seal. At all. I can easily fit my fingers under the sashes!

I also noticed the weather stripping on one of the screens is backwards, facing outward. I'm wondering what else I'll find today. Really shoddy craftsmanship. :-(

The beautiful blue and black butterfly was a bonus though. :-) It was slowly opening and closing it's wings and they were stunning in the sunlight.

Bonus dog pics. They really do work hard at being bookends but sometimes it works better than others. LOL

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