Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Encyclopedia of Me - P, Q and R

P is for Pink - Pink is The Tramp's favorite color. So far I've painted our bedroom, master bath and dressing room pink, the kitchen/sitting room is a beigy-pink and The Tramp's study in pink and rose. I took this photo from up on the painting scaffold. Ngaire is intently watching a fly on the window. At first I thought she was inspecting my paint job!

P is for Parakeet - I have two parakeets.

P is for Paint - I'm taking a few weeks off from painting!

Q is for Quilt - It's been fun unpacking all my sewing stuff. I have so many quilting projects waiting for me!

Q is for Quiet - I'm not used to quiet. The Tramp and I've been joined at the hip since we moved in together, we even went to work for the same company. Now I'm at home taking care of an empty nest I'm slowly learning how to use time again. It suits my introverted personality, I'm just out of practice!

R is for Ribbons - My mom wins ribbons for her quilts, bead work and basketry. Each quilt she makes goes for competition before it goes to it's new owner. She displays the ribbons on the wall in her sewing room with photos of the item.

R is for Rod Stewart - What's not to like? This spring The Tramp and I saw him perform at the Nokia Theater in New York City. Wow.

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