Saturday, August 4, 2007

Encyclopedia of Me - C

C is for Christmas - When my brother and I were children our parents made sure that Christmas was a big a deal as they could afford. They didn't buy us lots of small things during the year, they saved up for Christmas. When we were very small they would put up the tree Christmas Eve after we went to bed and in the morning we were carried through the house with our eyes closed to the kitchen. We had to eat breakfast before we could do anything else! It sounds so strict to me now but our Christmas stockings were always hung on our doorknobs and we opened them as soon as we woke up. Of course when we were older we snuck downstairs at dawn and poked at our presents and speculated about them until our parents appeared. Christmas was always the highlight of the year. The delicious anticipation and the exciting day. All during my childhood, if I couldn't sleep at night or was worried about something, I could always make myself feel better by just thinking about Christmas. Thanks Mom and Dad.

The photo is of the first tree I had in my apartment, five years ago. It's one of those "country" trees with the long trunk. My Mom dubbed it "the cell phone tower". It's tall and skinny and reminded her of those "disguised" towers. So of course we still call it that! :)

C is for non-Conformist - I asked The Tramp if he was going to participate in this meme and he "didn't think so". Next thing I knew he was tapping away at his keyboard. Bless his little cotton socks, he's so predictable sometimes. :) He's started his Encyclopedia of Me Meme with "Zed". Gotta love him. He always has to put his own twist on things.

C is for Control - The Tramp and I celebrate having control over our own lives. Having both previously lived with very controlling people we've learned to communicate and compromise and treat each other with the utmost respect. Of course we annoy each other sometimes...he spends way to much time with his computer, and my ability to break mine drives him crazy.

LOL That reminds me of the time my eldest daughter, at the age 4, suddenly announced one day, "Mommy's crazy and Daddy's crazy, that's cooperation!" That's when I knew she'd watched entirely too much Sesame Street!

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