Sunday, August 26, 2007

Encyclopedia of Me - W, X, Y, Z

W is for Wellington and Wanganui - Where I haven't been and where I want to go.

W is for Witch - When I was a kid witches were one of the things I was afraid of, though I dressed at a witch at Halloween for years. As far as I was concerned there were witches in the shadows, under the bed and in the closet. I remember when I was very young watching the yearly showing of the Wizard of Oz. We had a big oak front door. I watched the TV with one eye and the door with the other. I was never sure the wicked witch wasn't going to come through that door! Funny the things you remember.

W is for Water - Something we don't have enough of here right now. I've lived through very dry summers before, but never in an agricultural community. It surprises me how green it is despite the dryness and the extreme heat. Nature is amazing.

Y is for the Young Rascals - My favorite song as always been "How Can I Be Sure" by the Young Rascals. I was 12 years old when the the song came out and I remember thinking it would always be a favorite. I saw Felix Cavaliere's Rascals about four years ago at a concert in the local county park in New Jersey. Boy can he still sing. But sorry to say the whole thing was spoiled by the sound system. Sad.

Y is for Yellow - We have a bright yellow car, Saturn Vue. Part of the reason we bought it was the all-wheel-drive. I suspect that won't be an issue in North Carolina. :)

Z is for Z - I just can't get used to "zed" the same way The Tramp can't get used to "zee".

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meggie said...

Haha, I say zed too! All Kiwis do, except the very young.