Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Encyclopedia of Me - J

J is for Jandals - The Tramp's footware of choice is jandals....all year long. Just about the only time he wears closed in shoes (besides at the office) is when there is snow on the ground, much to the amusement of his new American friends. They are heavy rubber and last him quite a while considering how much he wears them.

Those are jandals on his feet. And yes...that's a wolf!

J is for July 4th - All the time I was growing up we lived in the same town. Every year we went to or participated in the 4th of July parade. As a child, I always thought how cool it would be to live on the parade route. I found it amazing that when I was 33 we moved into a house on that street! How cool! Then we started the Obligatory All Day Long Party on the 4th each year. The Ex has photo albums full of pictures. Almost 20 years worth. Despite some special moments I grew to loath the day. :( It was good to get away with The Tramp and visit friends and festivities in other towns and start to enjoy the holiday again. Sadly, this year, I didn't even go to fireworks, anywhere. Next year!

J is for Justice of the Peace - The Tramp and I were married on the beach by a Justice of the Peace. She was a lovely woman and happy to meet us at the beach. She was very petite and wore a long brown robe. Under the robe she was wearing sandals like the rest of us and when the wind blew we realized she had on bright yellow shorts and a blue striped shirt. Wonderful! :)

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