Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Encyclopedia of Me - F

F is for Fussbudget - Back in the late 50's and early 60's my Dad would buy the new Peanuts books as they came out. I still have many of them put carefully away in a box. Dad started calling me Lucy Fussbudget. I confess it wasn't without good reason. :) My brother picked up on it and for years called me Fuss. I still have notes and cards from him addressed to Fuss. So Lucy is my alter ego. The Tramp will confirm that I fuss with the best of them though I think I'm a whole lot kinder than Lucy, at least the early Lucy, since she softened up over the years. I have a fun collection of Peanuts items, books and t-shirts.

F is for the February child - The Sailor Son is my born-in-February child. He's my youngest. I'm so proud of him. He's overcome all the odds he faced as a child and has matured into a responsible young man, sailor, husband and soon-to-be father. All the worries, fears and tears were worthwhile. What more could a mother want?

Since we are on the subject of nicknames and sons....

When my kids were young I remember taking Eldest Daughter to task for calling her little brother "Butt Head". "But Mom," she said, "if I call him by his name he doesn't answer. If I call him Butt Head he does!" Which she proceeded to demonstrate by trying to get his attention calling him by his given name. No response. So she calls out, "Hey Butt Head!" And he immediately responds, "What?" "See Mom!" she says. Sigh....what's a mother to do?

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