Saturday, August 4, 2007

Encyclopedia of Me - B

Day two!

B is for Belle - Belle is my long haired chihuahua. Mostly white with black ears. And she's tiny, only 4lbs. She's 6 1/2 years old now, my ex and I bought her at a flea market in Kissimmee, Florida. She's named after Snoopy's sister. Like every chihuahua she has the heart of a BIG dog. When she has a chunk of rawhide or a fuzzy toy to protect the big dogs don't dare challenge her. She snarls like a little wildcat and jumps and snaps at their faces. It's funny watching them back off. Mostly she and Ngaire get along just fine. I just worry about Ngaire stepping on her when she gets exuberant (Ngaire should have been named Tigger).

Being little has put her in serious harms way more than once. She had one run-in with a larger dog she almost lost. A large canine tooth went into the open molera on her head (didn't break the skin). Brain swelling and all kinds of trauma for her...and me! The most recent incident was with caffeine....we think. She may have picked up an Excedrin for Migraine type pill one of us lost on the bathroom floor, we're just not sure. Anyway she was flying high for about 48 hours and something caused it. Pretty scary. The latest worry is our new huge yard and not losing her out there! The other day I counted 15 big hawks circling. Yikes. So The Tramp is going to build her a run...with a roof!

This was taken during the caffeine episode. Ngaire knew something was wrong and went to curl up with her under my sewing machine table. Belle sat up for almost the whole 48 hours, swaying back and forth. Her head never stopped moving. She looked left, right, up and back....for hours and hours. Yet another expensive trip to the emergency vet...sigh.

Taking her rightful place between the bride and the groom. Too much excitement in one day! :)
Giving me the evil eye after a bath.

There's more seatbelt than dog!

Always curled up with her favorite people. In this case it's my mom.
B is for Bettas - I have 5 Betta fish. I originally got them for my desk at work. It was a reception desk in an IT training center and they were a great conversation piece. Now they live on my kitchen counter. Perfectly happy as long as they get fed and a water change every two weeks.
My mom made the quilt for over my desk. :)

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