Monday, August 6, 2007

Encyclopedia of Me - D

D is for Dolls - I love dolls. I like to buy dolls, I like books about dolls, I like to make dolls, I like to talk about dolls. I went through pre-divorce jag of buying Lee Middleton dolls. I have way too many and should probably sell some to make room for new. But they are so cute!

D is for Daughter-in-law - I'm blessed with a lovely DIL, wife of the Sailor Son. Though very young, she's no shrinking violet and should manage fine as a military wife. The baby (boy) is due in October and she says he's bouncing every minute. Last I heard they are coming to visit this weekend. *happy dance*
Patting the baby. :)

D is for Dragon - The Tramp has about a dozen t-shirts with dragons on the front. My Mom made him a beaded dragon that is absolutely magnificent. I have a wyvern by Melinda Small Paterson half made for him, pink of course! His fave color.

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