Friday, April 1, 2011

Checkers anyone?

Yesterday not much happened around here.  It was dull and rainy and a migraine day for both of us.  We did do a little gluten-free shopping but that's about it.  This morning however was bright and sunny, and after feeding the livestock....I got right down to some gluten-free baking.  An hour to rise and an hour to cook.  (tapping foot impatiently)

Well it looks like bread.

And it smells like bread.

It even slices like bread!  (heh)

Oh look! It toasts like bread.  (Can you feel the excitement?) 

And the Acid Test.  How is it with marmalade and a cup of tea? 

It tastes like bread!  (Phew!)

And Charlie thinks so too.  :-)   So day one down and 181 days to go.  (Right now this is a six-month trial.  It could be a lifetime to go!)

Yesterday we hit Whole Foods (disappointing), Earth Fare (much better!), WalMart (surprisingly good) and Lowes Foods (barely so-so).  Today I took a trip out to Kroger and was very pleased.  Nice store, good prices and helpful staff.  I'll be going back. :-)  I still need to check out Food Lion and Harris Teeter, but the pantry is full for now.

There was a stiff breeze today and it was much chillier than predicted.  The sun was nice though.   Typical for here, some people were out in wintery coats and some were out in t-shirts and sandals.  Each probably wondering how the other could stand how they were dressed.  Heh.

As I went down for the mail there was a bluebird sitting the bird house and checking it out.  There is most definitely a chickadee nest in there and a quick peek showed some tiny eggs!  Sorry bluebird, you were too slow.

Also today I stopped at Whistle Stop to pick up Row 3 instructions for the mystery quilt.  It's the checkerboard row.

I'm still liking my yellow/brown colorway and all those little florals.  Though I need to get out the heavy duty camera and see if I can get a photo with better color.  It looks so ugh in these pictures.

I finished row 2 and spent a happy hour auditioning fabrics for row 3.  I was thinking green but once I dragged out all my greens it just wasn't floating my boat.  Instead I added a whole lot more blues to that pile and I think my checkerboard is going to be blue and brown.  But not until tomorrow.  :-)


Anonymous said...

Hiya, I saw your blog a long time ago and I just refound you. Is that bread no gluten because of allergies? May I ask what it is made of ? Looks very appetizing :)

Anonymous said...

I've still yet gotten myself to Whistle Stop's new location! This row by row looks adorable!!!!

Oooo you would show yummy bread that I try to avoid..sigh!!!

Lorraine said...

like the look of your Row By Row.....oh and the bread as well! I am sure I could smell it over here!