Monday, April 4, 2011

Pentax moment during pollen season

Have I mentioned lately tea goes with everything?  The banana bread turned out very good.  The Tramp has requested another loaf with the addition of dates and nuts.  Since I have five more brown bananas I think I can accommodate him.  Though I told him he has to wrestle with the dates!  I hate chopping dates.  :-)

Today.....actually late this afternoon, I took the heavy duty camera and my three rows outside for a photo session.  I'm always impressed by the photos people take of their quilts laying over deck railings, rocking chairs and such, and thought I might find someplace like that in my yard.  (cue to start laughing now)

First of all it was a bit late in the day to be doing this.  But I ventured out into our back yard, braving snakes and pollen, and moved some sticks and pine cones to clear a patch for the quilt.  LOL  See my shadow?  I couldn't even get myself out of the way.

This is kind of the right shade of yellow but the brown....not so good.

This shows the brown, but the yellow?  Eh.  Sigh.

Then I got all arty and draped it over an azalea.  Cute....I guess.   Actually the photo kind of begs the question, "Why?"

So I took myself around the yard and snapped a few more without the quilt.  Better?  Not really.  My excuse is the wind kept blowing.  ;-)

The reason I mention snakes is because this is our back yard.  It goes off to a point on the left.

And this is off to the right.  The other corner is by in the middle of that wide garage.  Some of the neighbors have wood piles too.  Prime snake habitat.  *shudder*

The plan is to remove a few trees.

Not too many.  Maybe a dozen?  I want to be sure to keep our summer shade on the south side of the house.  And clear out some of the leaf litter for a bit of grass.  Then a fence so the dogs can run.

In the's really hard to take a bad photo down by the pond.  It was too windy for a clear reflection today, but I like the Monet quality of this one.  Of course I didn't plan to channel Monet when I snapped the picture.   I couldn't have if I had tried to.  :-)

The Lady Banks rose by the mailbox is quite lovely.  And no thorns!  I messed with the camera settings and tried for a bokeh effect....sort of.  It would have been better if I'd waited for a non-windy day so at least the foreground would be nice and sharp!  Well now wait a minute.  The thirteenth "stunning" photo down on that bokeh link shows a Lady Banks rose.  Heh.  I guess mine is not so bad after all!

Still....I really need to dig out my photography books.  But I had fun. 


Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

I'm with you on the snake encounters. We have woods and a little creek and some wetlands behind our house, and have had quite a few snake encounters. Mostly the harmless but huge black snakes that have sprung out of the compost pile, birdfeeder, planters and other places to scare me to death.

Your yellow and brown quilt project is looking really pretty.

Lynn said...

Really lovely pictures! Snakes! I know they are out there now, especially with yesterday's warmth. Waiting for me. Dusk is the worst time, be careful. I'm such a coward, I won't work in the garden unless someone is home to take me to the hospital in case I get bitten. Just a bit overly dramatic, don't you think, but true.

Bonnie said...

I have no idea when you changed your top photo but O. M. G. No wonder you love living by your pond. so often I skim the writing with blogs but I've enjoyed reading about what's been going on over the last 7 posts. (yep, behind...) Your quilt is coming along nicely. And, it is a bear to get those rows to equal each other.

Good luck with the gluten free bit. It is becoming so much easier to find the products that are. I'm just thankful I don't need to go that route. Although there is a great bakery in Goochland, Va if you are ever up the Richmond way. B.

Jenny said...

Snakes in the woods? Oh dear! As you know, there are no snakes down here in New Zealand, so we don't have to consider such things when we venture outside. Lovely photos.