Thursday, April 28, 2011


I am a champion procrastinator.  (Yes Mom, I hear you.)  So this morning I'm doing this rather than opening mail and paying bills.  :-)  And before I did anything at all this morning I had some quiet time standing at the front window watching the weather and the birds.  I haven't mastered all the new features of my camera but I'm very pleased with it!

Yesterday I progressed on the big mystery quilt.  I've spent several days cutting all the flowers.  The basket flowers are placed...

....and ironed on and the sewing has commenced.

Sigh.  I never have the camera with me at the right moments!  The great blue heron has been hanging around fishing in the pond but it startles easy when I drive by.  So I stopped and tried to zoom in with my phone. (click for detail)

At the front window I caught this migrating rose breasted grosbeak.

The male goldfinches are almost back to their summer yellow.

Mama goose took a few minutes away from her eggs.  But there are always people around.  Walkers, cars, bicycles, kids, so she is always rushing back to the nest.

The last iris.

There are a few cardinals.  I'm hoping they have nests close by.

This mockingbird watched me closely!  :-)

This morning there was a parade of fast-moving birds but I manage to catch a few.


We are under a wind advisory this morning and this cardinal is hanging on amid wildly blowing branches.

Tufted titmice are so fast!  I'm still trying to catch a clear picture.

And this is a woodpecker but I'm not sure which kind.  Maybe a hairy woodpecker because of it's size.

Pair of goldfinches.

Pair of house finches.

Mr. Bluebird.  So gorgeously blue.

Watching over his nest.

Finally he turned around so I could see his red breast. (click for detail)  Painting that post and mailbox are definitely on the spring agenda.

The dogs gave up fussing for their breakfast and patiently waited for me to finish.  Ngaire the Lady.

Maisy the Weird.

Ivy the Devoted.

They like the new carpet.  I like how easy it is to maintain.

Ngaire is white between the toes!

With a few white hairs on her knees.  Look at those feet.  No wonder I'm so devoted to my vacuum cleaners!

Oh well.  Back to what I'm supposed to be doing.  Ugh.

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Jenny said...

Like you, I am really good at procrastination! If there is a choice to be made, what to do? So often I do something different. Wonderful wild life photos, you seem to be living in bird paradise by your lake and woods.