Sunday, April 3, 2011

Humble pie

Today I'm eating humble pie.  Oh so humble pie.  Last night when I finished Row 3 of the Whistle Stop mystery quilt I discovered just how bad my piecing had been.  I guess I was feeling pretty invincible and I forgot to check and recheck my work.  Sigh.  The rows should have ended up 48 1/2 inches long.  HA.  They were all way too long.  Up to two inches too long.  Urg!

I had measured each of the first row blocks (bottom row) when they were finished but when I sewed them together I skimped on the seam allowances in order to not cut off any of my points.  Dumb move number one.  I was so happy with myself I merrily stitched through the basket blocks without stopping to check anything.  Each block was a 1/4 inch too big in both directions.  Clever, aren't I?  And we won't even discuss the checkerboard row.  All those seams...47 of them...all too scant.  What was I thinking???  Oh yeah.  I wasn't thinking.

So I reset my sewing machine to a more accurate seam allowance and resewed about half of the seams in the checkerboard row and got it down to the right size.  Cool!  Then I did the same with the bottom row.  I had to sacrifice some of my points (sob) but I got that one down to size too.

Last night while I should have been sleeping I lay there puzzling out what to do about the doggone basket blocks.  I really didn't want to have to make a whole nother set (whine).  But this afternoon I looked at the blocks again and realized what I needed to do was take off the large yellow triangle, slice about an 1/8 inch off the bottom and right sides, and put the triangle back on with the proper seam allowance.  And it worked!  PHEW!  Not too many mangled points either.  I added the 48 1/2 inch sashing strips and now I'm patting myself on the back.  Wow.  What a lesson.  (I really have to take it outside for a proper photo.  The colors are so off!)  Of course there are seven more rows to go.  Oops. I better stop the back patting!

Since I was in no rush to go into the sewing room this morning (I wonder why?), I hung out in the kitchen and made clouds with rice flour instead.  We have banana bread.

And carrot cake.

Which we took to Mom and Dad's for Sunday dinner.  :-)  It's a split cake because Dad doesn't do nuts.  Mmmmm.  Cream cheese frosting.  Sigh....gluten-free doesn't mean calorie free....

....or mess-free!

 Though a cup of tea just makes everything better.  :-)

The girls joined us for Sunday dinner.

Every moment is a training opportunity!

I think tonight I'll dream about my new book.  Much better than last night!  :-)


Lorraine said...

....look at those perfect puppies all sitting sooooo nicely! I am loving your row by row...and well done on the fixes! it's amazing what an eighth of an inch here and there will do........either way!

Heera said...

Good job with fixing the quilt. You do have patience with it.

The picture of your girls is so cute.

Yummy looking food. You got them all in one post!

Lynn said...

I love the mystery quilt so far. Good for you figuring out how to fix it. I probably would have ripped it all apart and then realized to late how to do it. Sometimes it just pays to put a mistake away for a bit and think about it. Training is going terrific, they look perfect all lined up waiting patiently.