Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Yesterday we took a trip up to Virginia to see the Sailor Son and the grandsons.  We hadn't even given them their Christmas presents yet!  Of course this meant I had to do a bit of last minute sewing and wrapping.  I still had to finish one of their quilts but first I had to clean the pollen off my sewing machine table.  I hate to keep the windows closed in the spring but, ewwwww!

I'm still not completely sold on the Janome 7700.  It has a lovely freemotion quilting stitch but the bulk of the machine makes it very difficult to see what's going on around the needle.  Especially behind.  I still might go back to the Juki.  But it was a simple quilt to finish.  Cute and utilitarian.  I'm sure this quilt is going to spend lots of time on the floor.  :-)

I've added more fun stuff to Charlie's upstairs cage and he's getting used to being carried up and downstairs.  I tell him where we are going and I'm sure eventually he'll understand that too.   While I sew he plays, squawks, whistles and chatters.  "Hello Charlie."  "Whatcha doing?" "Cheerios." "Good boy!" "The Tramp's name." "Kiss, Kiss." "CHARLIE!" "Walk?" "Thank you."  And goodness knows what else!

It was lovely to see the Grands.  Saying CHEESE with Grand #1.  The Grinch and Max were a hit.  I had to read the story twice!

Finally Grand #2 agreed to smile for the camera.  They both have such gorgeous deep brown eyes!

Of course they immediately played with each others presents and quilts.  The tractor quilt with a tractor book and a John Deere.

 The Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt, book and Hallmark ornament.  Max and the Grinch were put to bed under the quilts. :-)

And of course when you give a three-year old the camera you get....Mimi....

The Tramp...

"Look Mimi!  I take a picture of my hand!"

"Look Mimi!"  My brother is eating!" 

We were also treated to performances of the Alphabet Song and the Batman theme.  Then we learned how to roll up like a caterpillar in the quilt.  And then needed lessons in unrolling.  :-)  Sigh....  Grandmother heaven.

This morning (yawn!) (it was a long drive) I hosted my quilting bee and afterwards we all went out to lunch.  When I got home The Tramp was eating his lunch on the front stoop and the ducks were there discussing it amongst themselves.  Quack quack quack quack quack quack.......

It's interesting how different the males look.  The one has a quilt block on-point on his chest.  LOL

When I brought out a slice of bread they came right up to us.   Quack quack quack quack quack quack...

I have never been close enough before to see the wonderful fine details on their feathers.  Just beautiful! (click for detail)


Lynn said...

I symphatize with your pollen problem. I think it's close to being done though (I know I said that last week). Your grandchildren have grown so much, looks like a fun time. I think you have my ducks. We noticed the other day that the ducks who come and hang out around our front lawn (2 males and a female) haven't shown up yet. They've come the past couple of years until now.

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

What wonderful memories the quilts will always have for your grandsons.

We used to have a talking Quaker parrot named Sam. He could say "he's a pretty bird," he's a good bird," etc, and then starting stringing adjectives together like, "He's a good, pretty, green bird!"