Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Itchy, itchy, itchy!

Today was our first really hot and humid day of the season and I just now broke down and switched on the air conditioning.  Darn it.  I would really rather have the windows open, but last night I tossed and sweated and itched and I can't face another night of the same.  :-P

Heh.  Some of us get to sleep all day if we want to.

The other itch causing factor in my day was this quilt block.  Looks innocent, doesn't it.  It's a swap block for the guild meeting tomorrow and while I was putting it together my eyes and face started to itch and burn.  I couldn't think why!  It finally dawned on me to email and ask the person who provided the red and white fabrics if she has a cat.  And that was it.  It never occurs to me to ask before I take swaps .  And I should!  I did finish the between washing my face and hands several times.  And I like it too!  But I don't think I want to win a whole pile of them.  :-)

Parts of the big mystery quilt are back up on the design wall.  I've pinned on the basket handles.

And started auditioning flower shapes again.  They are just cut out of construction paper.  I don't like these much.

So I scrounged around online for some 60s flower-power type flowers.  The kind I want to put on the new Volkswagen bus when it comes out!  LOL  Of course the colors aren't right but I think this is a bolder look more suited to such a busy quilt.

I've packed up a whole box of donations to the guild's silent auction tomorrow night.

And I've finished quilting this charity quilt for Quilts on Wheels.  Rather than piecing, I like bringing tops home to quilt.  No cat problems with them so far but I guess I should be asking where they come from too.  I can be a real pain sometimes!  :-)

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Heera said...

I like the idea of playing with paper flowers first for the basket. The quilt looks beautiful. The charity quilt looks good too. Bet that was a lot of work.