Friday, April 22, 2011

The day after the itch

After a long day of driving to doctor appointments (ugh) it was nice to go to guild meeting tonight.  It seemed like one person after another came to me to apologize for the allergy causing fabric!  It was really just a few people but I think each one of them said sorry multiple times during the evening.  It was nice that they cared.  :-)

It was our annual Silent Auction night and I managed to get rid of a whole box of stuff I hope other people are pleased to have bought.  Of course I brought home some goodies as well.  Hard to resist!  

Of all things, a vintage Singer buttonholer.  For a dollar! 

Assorted patterns, a scrap bag and a book.

A bundle and a nice storage box of homespuns.  :-)

And suprisingly....a small Lowepro camera case just right for my new camera.  Heh.  Who'd a thunk?

This morning before I left the house I spotted Father Goose resting comfortably on the front lawn.  He was still in the same area when I got home too.

Yes....the lawn needs mowing.  Tomorrow!  I promise!  :-)

I also checked on the bluebird nest.

Whoohoo!  Three eggs!  How fitting that bluebirds lay lovely blue eggs.  (I still don't know what happened to the chickadee eggs.)  Fingers crossed for hatchlings!

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SoozieSuzy said...

I am glad you are over the itches. I had no idea fabric that had been in contact with a house with cats would make someone so sensitive. I have an aunt who is allergic to cats. When I had cat/s she would visit and sit there and scratch and always the cat/s would take no notice of anyone else but her...they must have a sense of who dislikes them and try to endear themselves.