Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The gluten-free cooking continues.  I made these thumbprint cookies on Monday.  They don't look appetizing in the photo do they.  (they look downright gory!)  They wouldn't brown!  No matter how long I cooked them.  But they taste just fine.  Kind of like shortbread, and of course strawberry and blueberry jam is always good.  :-)  The doll club ladies liked them and Maisy my problem child liked them too.  She helped herself to a bunch this afternoon.  Sigh.

Since things are going better in the kitchen than they are in the sewing room, I also tried my hand at making butter.  I've seen it on a couple of weblogs.  Melody's and I thought on one of Anita's weblogs, though I couldn't find the actual post.  It's so simple it's very curious to me why more of us don't do it all the time.  Maybe we do and I just don't know about it!

The only thing that worried me was how would I know the right time to turn off the mixer?  I found out.  When the buttermilk starts splattering the ceiling!  LOL  It didn't quite, but it sure makes a grand mess.  I have the splatter shield for my Kitchen Aid but I now know to lay a tea towel over the mixer as well.  :-)

We are not going to starve on this diet.  Salad, red gravy with meat and gluten-free pasta.  Not difficult at all.  Plenty filling too.

I'm happy to report I finished clue #47 this evening....without mishap.  All of my units measure longer than stated in the directions.  But I know mine are right.  I do, I do, I do!  I did and redid the math and they have to be the length I ended up with.  Phew!  I was beginning to think I had totally lost my touch....or my mind.  :-p

The dogs spent a quiet evening sprawled around the room farting.  I must have put too much pasta in this last batch of dog stew.  It's been pretty evil!  When Kathie was here last week for our sewing day we had to open the windows in order to keep breathing! 

I see Ngaire is wearing one of the little yellow triangle points I must have shed while stepping over her.  At least she wasn't under my sewing table.  It's a confetti rainbow under there. :-)

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Lorraine said...

have been enjoying all your spring posts with the wildlife around your house/pond.....isn't Jodie a hoot! I met her when I was in Victoria and she is lovely......and funny....just as you would imagine from her blog posts! Butter was always home made when I was growing up on the farm...and I have made it (without meaning to) many times when I have been whipping know when it's "done".....and it is a simple procedure isn't it! You are cooking up a storm lately.....!