Friday, April 22, 2011

Technology bites (bytes?) a good way!!

Lots of what I post here is for sharing what's going on in North Carolina with family far away overseas (and in the US!).  And it's always especially nice to receive from overseas too!  This is a recently received photo of Grand #3, sticky fingers and all.  Lovely!

We are so fortunate to live in this technological world where we can not only easily talk to the other side of the world on the phone, but email, text, online chat, and video chat.  It's a delight to be part of this little chappie's life even though it might be many years before I get to see him in person.  He can still get to know his granddad and American aunts, uncles and cousins without ever taking the 36 hour plane trip, in a way we never could just a few years ago.  Amazing really.  I can only wonder what communications and travel will be like when the grands are my age and keeping in touch with far flung friends and family.  :-)

In other technology news--   Today The Tramp and I made a speed limiter for my Juki TL98Q.  When free motion quilting, it's very hard to keep an even speed with the foot pedal and there is no speed adjustment built in to the machine.  The new TL2010Q does have a speed control and a couple of other upgrades but since this was my only complaint I was pleased to see directions to make a speed limiter on the TL98Q Yahoo Group.  The parts are readily available at outlets such as Radio Shack, so for less than $20 and about 30 minutes of time I'm in clover!

Woohoo!  It works!  It's plugged into the machine and the foot pedal plugged into it, and I can rotate the dial to the speed I want, floor the foot pedal and sew at an even speed.  No more aching leg!  So. Cool.

Oh oh.  Now I have no excuse not to get busy on multiple Projects in Progress.  Today The Tramp (he's such a sweetie!) drove me all over the place, including Radio Shack for my speed limiter bits and pieces, and Wish Upon A Quilt for some textile love.  The store is having a sale on Michael Miller Krystals blenders and had a nice selection to choose from.  Perfect for the applique flowers on the big mystery quilt.  Love me some rainbow colors!

Be still my heart.  I even enjoyed ironing them!  LOL

Oh my.  Now I actually have to cut into them......

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