Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blue, blue, my world is blue.....

Today is one of those days I'm glad this isn't a weblog with sound.  :-)  Sheesh.  We both just downloaded Firefox 4 and oh my goodness, the air is turning BLUE!  We have the same computers, same OS and the same version of Firefox.  Wouldn't you think our screens would look the same?  The default is different and our customization options are different.  It's very weird.....and very frustrating.  We don't live in each others' pockets, we don't want the same options (heaven forbid! LOL).  But each of us is missing options we want...that the other one has!  So bizarre.  My normally even-tempered Tramp was even heard to say this may drive him to Safari.  Oh. My.

This morning dawned dark and rainy.  The chrismas cacti don't seem to mind though.  They are blooming like it's December.  Both plants had actual open blooms yesterday, until they attracted a shortish dog who shall remain nameless.  Sigh.  But there are lots more buds.  :-)
Pollen season is in full swing, if the yellow slick on the pond is any indication.  Ewww.  March through May!  Just when it would be lovely to throw all the windows open.  Ah well.

Before the rains started in earnest, the ducks made a visit to our bird feeder.  I mixed some old parakeet food in with the sunflower seeds so I suppose that's what's attracting them. There always seems to be two males for every female.  :-)

Our lady decides to take off towards the driveway.

And back to the pond...followed by her entourage.  Waddle, waddle, waddle, waddle, waddle.  I wonder.  Would I walk all that way if I could fly?

Once the rain really got going the only creatures in sight were people.  Ducks aren't dumb.  :-)

I had a sewing play date with a friend today!  Kathie came over with her fabric and we made purses.  She snapped lots of pictures with my camera so I never thought to use it.  Now I don't have a picture of her pretty blonde self!  Of course the only picture of me is with my eyes closed.  LOL  Dreadful.  I struggled with used the Janome and Kathie used the Bernina. Actually we both muddled through very well considering we were using unfamiliar machines.  :-)

Mom and Dad stopped by for a few minutes.

And by the end of the day we both had new Long-Stemmed Tulip Purses!  The pattern designer, Janice Pope, is in our quilt guild and you see lots of her bags on shoulders at guild meetings.  :-)  Kathie's color choice is so her.  Love it.

My color choice is a little out of my comfort zone.

But pink insides make it perfect!  :-)

In other news:  The latest excitement here on the pond is a big lifestyle change for us.  On Friday, April 1st, we are going gluten-free.   Yikes!  No April Fools.  It's not a dietary whim, without giving any details, it's medically necessary for one of us.  If it turns out to be a good thing for the other one too, that's all good!  I've spent two days cleaning out the pantry, fridge and freezer and have lots to unload give away.  I've also washed out drawers, cupboards, and their contents where I had apparently let the flour dust fly.  (The drawer where the sifters are kept was shocking!) 

Internet research has happened and cookbooks have been bought.  Tomorrow is shopping day number one.  I'm going on a quest for gluten-free in the local stores.  Along with the usual supermarkets we have Whole Foods and Earth Fare nearby.  Oh, and Fresh Market.  Even Walmart has gluten-free now.  So I'm thinking it's not going to be too onerous.  At least not like it once was.  I may even try my hand at baking a few things tomorrow.  You never know!

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