Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Brighter and brighter

The usual stuff is going on around here for the most part.  The how about now campaign is limping along due to The Migraine That Will Not Die.  Actually today was pretty good.  I managed to get a whole lot of errands done with Dad riding shotgun.  We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.  In the evenings I've been plugging away at my as-yet-nameless Bonnie Hunter quilt.  The Tramp continues to amuse me with videos while I sew.

A couple of nights ago it was Brian Conley.  Eh.  I find him hard to warm up to.

I find Cliff Richard much more fun.  :-)

Charlie enjoys the music too.

And I got the 45 star blocks finished and put four blocks together to see the effect.  I think bright is the best description.

Last night we started out with Satchmo and Johnny Cash.  Very cool.  Then a South Bank show about Cher.

The 90 blocks were re-ironed so the seam allowances would nest properly (%$#@^&*), and two rows were finished.

One of the errands today was to the strawberry patch.  Yummmm!

Two white bucketfuls washed, trimmed and ready for lunches and the freezer.

I see lots of happy dishes of yogurt.  :-)

And ice cream!!  :-D

A bit of QI tonight.

And five out of the ten rows.  Purple is being contemplated for the inner border.

 Blindingly colorful!

My sweet Ngaire, waiting patiently for me to stop typing and go to bed.  I think The Tramp is waiting too.

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Lynn said...

Busy you!! I need to do a strawberry jam session. I keep buying them and then we eat them up before I can make use of them.
I love this quilt!!! What magnificent colors.