Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lucky number?

All the cleaning up to put the house on the market caused me to sort out my sewing machines (sort of) or at least display them more picturesquely. I'm actually not sure how many I have. I'll have to count when I get to the end of the post! :-)

These are lined up on top of my cubbies. The one on the left is a Singer 237. The next one is a crinkle. It may be repainted but I'm not sure. The Singer decal is very faint but it is visible. For sure it's quite dirty and needs a thorough overhaul. The third one is a Singer treadle head, possibly a 66-1. I bought it so I could practice my cleaning-up methods before I work on the treadle in the cabinet. The one on the right is a Singer 404. It was damaged in transit by someone who packed it by just tossing it in a box with only a quick wrap of newspaper. The top of the case is split and broken and I still have to determine if the machine is ok.

On top of another cabinet is my "new" 301. *happy dance* I have a No. 42 art deco cabinet I hope to restore and install it in. I also have a No. 72 cabinet and two stools waiting for the same treatment. These are in the shed with all other extraneous furniture while we are "showing". Sigh...

On top of my treadle is a Morse. I had done research on all my machines and stuffed it in a book to be sorted. I think I need to sort it! I forget the details of this one. The treadle is in a cabinet No. 2. It needs some tender loving restoration but not too much.

Once I've practiced on the other treadle head I'll spiff up this one.

This is a kind of neat mid-century looking cabinet. And it holds a retro pink

Atlas machine. I haven't decided whether to keep it or not. I keep dithering about it. (send sympathy cards to The Tramp)

In the domed case

is this machine. It's so pretty. I need to give it some attention. Figuring out what model it is would be a start! LOL

This is a No. 74 Spinet (aka Trapezoid) cabinet.

And in it is my pride and joy....Mom's 201-2.

Oh! And I also have a Featherweight 221. How could I forget! For some reason, when this picture was taken, I was using it even though the Bernina 440 is sitting right there. I forget why. Mostly I take it to workshops.

I don't have, or can't find, a picture of the Juki TL98Q. Oh well. So what's the count? It seems to be 13! A good number to stop at! Though I wouldn't mind a Rocketeer! Shhhhhhhh! Who said that???

Through all this "excitement" the dogs are proving that it's only me who gets excited about the machines. We have Ivy behaving like a scatter rug.
Princess Maisy on her chair.
Ngaire being ever-patient.
And of course Ivy again always hoping for more!