Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ringing..... my ears that is.  Migraine days.  Sigh.  It's kind of derailed my "how about now" campaign for a few days.  Hard to be enthusiastic about accomplishing anything when you feel punky.  Punkiness aside, I did treat myself to a pedicure.  Ahhhhhhh.  :-)

A little bit about the quilt symposium.   The quilt show wasn't huge but the quality of the quilts on display was outstanding.  The first quilt is the one I brought to put on my bed.  :-D  A rather uncomfortable plastic-covered-foam-mattressed dormitory bed, but at least it was better than the floor, and the company was fab.

It was also a Super Moon weekend.

There was more than ever hand applique and hand quilting on display.  It's heartening to see proof that it's not becoming a lost art.

Yo yos!  Such fun.

This one had crystals on it too.  Hard (for me anyway) to take a photo that does it justice.  There were several stunning whole cloth quilts.

This is Kathie's dragonfly, started in a Susan Brubaker Knapp workshop.

And another of Kathie's.

Her sister Anne embellished this one with ribbon and beads.  So sweet.

I just like this one.

More fabulous Baltimore album applique.

The Best in Show.  Perfectly done.

One by another friend.  I love how it glows.

Harry Potter!

There was a whole section of quilts made by the same person as the one above.  All were very different and all were exquisitely executed.

Dawn in purple with her purple quilt. :-)

Anne with one of hers.

Kathie with her "water" quilt.

I had two workshops.  The first one was with Anita Grossman Solomon.  Great class.  Some of the rooms were pretty crowded.  This wasn't so bad.

This is Anita with her quilt.  We learned how to foundation piece the blocks, but more importantly it was a lesson in choosing fabrics.

Some of our finished blocks together.

My second workshop was machine applique with Harriet Hargrave.  We were very crowded in that room and so busy I never took out my camera!  Harriet is amazing.  We went to her evening lecture too.  Just more amazing.  :-)

On Sunday morning I went to a lecture by Augusta Cole, a native North Carolinian.  She showed us her "quilt garden,"  two rather large bins full of quilts.  Augusta is amazing, talented, energetic, enthusiastic and oh so funny!  I'm so glad I met her.

In the evenings this week I've been working on my Bonnie Hunter "My Blue Heaven" quilt.  It's certainly not blue.  I'll have to come up with a name for it.  I'm sure Mom or one of my three clever daughters will have some great suggestions.  I might even ask The Tramp.  ;-)

The first 45 blocks are already done, these are the pieces of the star blocks.  Love my Juki with it's thread cutter and my Panasonic cordless iron.  They make the whole process less fiddly.

The Tramp keeps me entertained.  Our Apple TV was not talking to our television, but the problem has been solved (fingers crossed) and we've had delightful evenings humming to music videos, laughing hysterically at the British show with Stephen Fry called QI, and tonight it was An Evening With Mark Knopfler.  Nice.

Grrrrrr.  After all that counting and re-counting I'm still a few triangles short.  Sheesh.  The last few always take the longest, don't they.  How about now?  Nope!  I'm going to bed.  :-)

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