Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Lucky me got to go to a Bonnie Hunter workshop on Saturday! We worked on My Blue Heaven.

This is Bonnie's...

This will be mine!

It was also a Fun With Grandsons weekend. DIL, Middle Daughter and her SO were here too. Lovely....sigh. :-)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I've been in hiding. Not much time at the computer though I do try to catch up on my blog reading occasionally. I've been sewing sewing sewing my entries for the North Carolina Quilt Symposium....and it's finally next weekend!

We also got a new puppy and you know what that means! Short nights and long days trying to get her housebroken. We have good days and bad days but for the most part she's a good dog and just acting age appropriately.

Meet Maisy. I'd love to get her DNA tested. She looks like she was put together by a committee! LOL

I have the most fun taking photos of her sleeping. She sleeps around, over, beside, under and everywhere but in her beds. :-)