Tuesday, June 11, 2013

More damp

Today was a long day of prepping t-shirts for a double-sided quilt.  I haven't counted yet but I was told it was 88 shirts in all.  Phew!

It certainly overflows the large waste bins.  And this is without a large bag of shirt parts that the client didn't select.  I've found it's always prudent to save the reject parts until the quilt top is designed!  It's saved me from trashcan diving more than once.  :-)

While I sliced shirts, today's waves of storms came and went.  It poured!

What's that under the tree?

Heh.  A great blue heron sheltering from the rain.

He/she waited for a while then moved on.

Seemingly intent on something.

And got the fish!

At that moment the rain stopped and the sun appeared.

I guess it looked like the pickings were going to be better on the other side of the pond.  :-)

I had cabin fever by the time dinner was over so was glad we were running out of milk and needed to take a trip out.  The clouds were spectacular.  I snapped this in the parking lot and the lady getting into the next car excitedly asked me if I'd spotted a rainbow.  :-)   Afraid not.

Right now we're watching today's Apple announcements (on Apple TV!).  I can hear The Tramp across the room exclaiming over all the new coolness.

For me I think, it's iOS7 that's the most swoon-worthy.

Now if only we had buckets of money.  ;-)


Lynn said...

I don't think we are done with this rainy weather. Ugh the humidity has been awful. It seemed like you've used your indoor time well.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

What a treat to see a heron! WOW...hope things dry up soon!

Bonnie said...

Great photography of your heron. We got the rain and humidity here in central Va also. But you seem to have gotten a lot done. It's always fun to read your blog and see what you are up to! But really, Oh My Gosh? 1" strips? More power to you.