Friday, August 23, 2013

Summer stuff

Catching up again.  I've been poked by family about the lack of posting and had a lovely email asking if I was ok.  Yes, we're ok.  Just a bit stressed and busy.  Not conducive to sitting and trying to write entertainingly.  (is that a word?)

Grandchildren news.  Five and Batman have moved a bit further away from us for the time being and I miss them terribly.  Skype is a wonderful thing though!  We received these photos this week, of Stardust on a visit to Hershey.  It's funny to see how apprehensive she is of that walking chocolate bar.....

but she's all smiles when faced with those wicked looking teeth.  :-)

 Cute photo of Rocky and Magenta.  How they are growing!  Love those rosy cheeks.  :-)

And a fabulous smile from The Viking.  Apparently he really really liked his first taste of blueberry soft ice cream.  

I had mentioned that there are changes afoot in regards to The Other House.  We are very excited as Eldest Daughter, the Led Zeppelin Fan and The Viking are moving to North Carolina!  The house will finally be occupied.  Yay!  I'm not sure who I'm more excited for.  Them, the house, or us!  LOL

The first order of business was having ED's Jeep shipped.  Leaving New Jersey.....

and arriving in North Carolina.  The Tramp was thoroughly impressed that the rear-most car on the transport truck, a special edition Trans Am, was on it's way to Australia!

The Other House still needed some finishing touches to make it ready for occupancy.  I finished painting the trim, a job left over after the toilet flood, remediation and repairs.

The Tramp put up towel rods, blinds and various other small fixtures.

The house has been unoccupied for almost a year and almost untouched since it went on the market in January.  I never realized how much insect life would take over the place while it was undisturbed.  Wow!  But it's all clean now.

 And the refrigerator has been delivered.  All we need now are the occupants and their "stuff."

A couple of weeks ago we had both cars off the road.  Red needed a second transmission transplant.  Chevrolet honored their warranty and after a few days Red was as good as new (fingers crossed).  The Tramp figures at this rate we could have as many as six new transmissions before the three-year warranty runs out.  Let's hope not!!!  At the same time, The Tramp's car was off the road for a weekend while he and the Sailor Son gave it a brake job.  Day one ended in frustration, and I would like to say....for the record....that a bit of quick internet research on my part, helped solve the problem.  I just wanted you to know that.  ;-)  Once the car was put back together they went for a test drive around the pond.  Of course our steep drive, with a body of water at the bottom of it, is indeed the ultimate test.  Yikes!  

Along with sewing and reading, computer use was becoming very frustrating for me.  The eye doctor confirmed my need for a new prescription, with quite a change for one eye.  Once you've chosen the cutest frames in the place and ordered your glasses, it's so hard to wait for them!  Arrrgghhh.

T-shirt quilts don't cause any eye strain.  All straight lines.  :-)

And another UFO has been struck off my challenge list.  I finally got the borders on this Bonnie Hunter quilt.  It's her first mystery quilt, Carolina Crossroads.  I can't believe I started it in December 2007!

Charlie is doing better since the feather plucking episode.  Feathers are regrowing fast on his back and I'm trying hard to keep him occupied and interested in something other than his feathers.  His wings need clipping again too, as proven by his recent flight up onto my head!

Rain, rain, rain, rain.....and more rain.  The vegetable gardens are not happy, especially the vine crops, so I've let them go.  But at least some of the garden plants like it.