Saturday, October 18, 2014

Kodak moments

The pillowcase I made last weekend was put to good use this week. The funny part is he didn't even see it!  He fell asleep as the car pulled in the driveway and I managed to slip him onto the pillow next to his "baby" without waking him up.  He mumbled a few words, turned his head to mirror the doll and that was it.  You know that I had to take a picture. 😊

The Kodak moments are frequent these days. His mother sent me this photo.  She left the room to get him a drink and came back to this!  He looks entirely too comfortable with her laptop. I love it!  No worries, he can't get past the login screen.  Yet.

So when I got him down for his nap the other day, it was time to start basting this quilt Mom and I have been working on. 

Wait a minute!  The floor is wet!  Dogs maybe?

Nope. My jacket is wet too. What the???

Oh @&$%#!  Rain water coming in around the ceiling fan. Arrrggghhhhh!  Not on the quilt at least.  Thank goodness for that!

On Friday The Viking and I dropped my bicycle off at the bike shop. Well!  He was sooooo excited. All those wheels!!  

And a train table. Yowza. I was in danger of having to spend the afternoon there. 😃

Today The Tramp and I spent a few minutes down at the pond feeding a bit of stale bread the turtles. Well it started with turtles.  Then the channel catfish showed up.  Wow. Voracious and aggressive.  Didn't bother the turtles too much though.  

Basting done!  Yay!  Yep. That's Bing, Dean and Frank on the TV.  The Tramp does his best to keep me amused while I prick my fingers. ☺️

Last up is this new photo of The Prince.  Love those bright eyes!  

Monday, October 13, 2014

Nice weekend

She knows her mother well. Look what ED found for me at a local book sale!  

I'm a compulsive M&M sorter.  The Viking and I will have fun with this book. He loves M&Ms too and is very good at naming their colors. 

I doubt he's interested in sorting them into sets yet....but the time will come. :-)

Saturday was a blueberry scone type of morning. And for a quilty touch, I had my tea in a Karen Eckmeier mug.  :-)

It was supposed to rain but the sun peeped through and there was no excuse not to give the garage a fall cleaning. 

Better. Not perfect, but better.

Today the sewing machines had a party. I spent some time testing out how each of them behaved on a free motion quilting sample. It also illustrated how out of practice I am!

But The Viking now has a pillowcase for nap times. Trrrru-CK!

And this one is to go with his baby quilt. Not too late is it?  He only just had his second birthday!

This evening I continued to take this very fragile quilt apart for a friend. We are hoping to put some of the unshredded blocks together in a small wall hanging for her bedroom. The original quilt was made by her grandmother and given to her when she got married back in the 1950s. The prints are from clothing and I just love it!

Bedtime. The crickets are chirping. :-)

Friday, October 10, 2014

Decluttering. Uncluttering?

Today was a fun day.  The Viking and I started with a morning walk. How cute is this! :-)

Today was one of those days he insisted on wearing his "eyes."  Indoors as well as out.  He also showed up this morning with a new "baby."  He's completely obsessed with trucks at the moment (trrruCK!) so these large utility vehicles were a wonderful surprise. He gasped and went WOW as we turned the corner. :-)

When he got tired of riding.....

Making sure Baby got enough laps around the pond was VERY serious business. :-)

Old McDonald was the theme of library storytime so the stamps today were horses.  He was very pleased. 

And even though we were sleepy after a busy morning and lunch with Nanny and Papa.....

The lure of trucks and sand couldn't be denied!

But nap time came and it gave me an opportunity to give baby a bath and a sun bathe. 

THEN, I could get busy having a sort out in The Sandbox. Peanelope has finally been finished and delivered to the state fair. Yay!  The pea plant I was working on came out cute enough, but it just wasn't right for the scene so I put it aside and declared her done. Wednesday was a gorgeous day so 'Nelope and I went out on the deck for a photo shoot.  

Once I convinced the dogs that I didn't need their presence in the photos, I proved once again I really do need to improve my camera skills.  But here she is. 

When I was trying to figure out what to do about the pea plant, The Tramp suggested she could use a stool. Maybe bed steps would be fun!  But for now she is just fine.  I've cleaned all the glitter and trims off the cutting table and tomorrow I can begin to get on with something else. After the garage gets its fall cleaning.....darn it. 

Sunday, October 5, 2014


Peanelope would like to show you what she found. 

Yep. You guessed it. Though at the moment she is inclined to drop it and has to keep climbing down to retrieve it from under the bed again. We'll have to work on that. 

We also have some leaves and pea pods. It remains to be seen if I can make something out if them.  Ah well. Tomorrow the birthday boy will be here and I'm looking forward to a day of fun! 😃

Saturday, October 4, 2014


Just a quickie for those who haven't completely lost faith. :-)

Princess Peanelope is almost finished.  There were a few false starts with her gown but satin seemed to be the right choice in the end. 

The hair is a bit iffy but I remind myself that my hair isn't so great when I get out of bed after a restless night either.  She still needs a crown or something for her head. And, of course, her pea.

To that end, I plunged into the unfamiliar world of polymer clay. Of course I was my usual over ambitious self. :-)  Just a pea has turned into a pea plant as well. 

Can I make something out of all this?  It remains to be seen.