Thursday, April 22, 2010


No sewing this week. A day at work, time in the garden, shopping, and this....

Mold! Ewwwww! Caused by a leak. Which resulted in ruination of the carpet.....

And removal of this not-so-glamorous-but-perfectly-serviceable kitchen cabinet unit. (It did have doors and drawers before we started taking it apart.)

So the plumber comes tomorrow to cut more holes in the wall and find the source of the leak. Double ewwww.
After the warranty company has the drywall repaired we'll have to install a new sink and vanity and replace the carpet with something more sensible for a powder room. SIGH. Not what you want to be doing when all you want to do is sell the house.

C'est la vie! :-)

Saturday, April 17, 2010


It feels so good to finish a sewing project! I spotted this table runner pattern online quite a while ago and just fell in love with it. Thank you Monica! I quilted feathers in the border and a pattern in the background, a la Patsy Thompson. And it came out ok! *happy dance* (I don't think I'm ever going to get over feeling I'm going to ruin everything when I quilt it. LOL)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Is it April already???

I'm just gonna pretend that I haven't been lazy about posting and jump right in. :-p (I do read lots of blogs and have been incredibly lazy about commenting too.)

First of all there is a new grandbaby! He's way off in New Zealand, sigh. Everyday I have to thank the powers that be and a bunch of really smart people for digital cameras, the internet and high speed connections. IMHO he looks just like The Tramp. :-) Cute, cute, cute!

Then there are the grands up in Norfolk, VA. We visited last week and I got to be the monkey in the middle in the back seat of the car. While one of them slept...

the other one entertained me. He was a very cool dude in his shades and sporting a mohawk hairdo.

Then he kind of spoiled the effect by showing off the nail polish on his thumb! LOL

This last weekend we spent a lot of time out in the garden. And I managed to get a family portrait when they were tired enough to sit still.

We weeded and mulched and I potted up some of my favorite plants. I figured it makes a portable garden that I can take with me if this house ever sells.

About two weeks ago our quilt guild sponsored two workshops with Sharon Schamber. Very cool! I'm pleased to learn whatever she wants to teach me. Here she is demonstrating on my sewing machine!

Ummmm.... What else? Oh yes! Tuesday I went to doll club and we continued to work on our Patti Culea dolls. We worked on faces mostly and I finished it tonight. Not bad for the first one. The camera is kind. I'm not pleased at how the seam allowances turned into purple shadows after I painted on the textile medium. It doesn't show as badly in the pictures. One side of her forehead, nose and chin have a purple shadow and of course it is all around the edge of her face.
But overall I'm very pleased and look forward to finishing her body and dressing her. She seems to be developing into some kind of pink sprite. It's kind of like giving birth and seeing what happens as your doll grows up. Fun! :-)