Wednesday, January 21, 2009


My Old Tobacco Road mystery quilt top is finally done! Yippee! There was much gnashing of teeth yesterday in The Sandbox while I was making the borders fit properly (math is not my strong point). I also discovered I was an inch short of the blue border fabric so I cut each piece slightly narrower than measurements indicated and luckily it didn't matter at all. Phew! Going by my measurements (obviously an iffy prospect) I also made two extra geese to make the flying geese border fit and darned if I didn't have to take them out again...sigh. Other OTR makers may also notice that my geese are flying counter clockwise as well. Sheesh. I now also realize that the outer border fabric is technically a directional print. But it doesn't really show so I'm just chalking it up as a learning point.

I LOVE IT! It's so darned big I had a heck of a time getting it all in the photo. The ladies at Wish Upon A Quilt suggested the blue border and I'm so glad I listened! It adds so much to the quilt. :-D

I'm kinda wondering how I'm going to quilt it on my Bernina and not ruin it. Hmmmmmm. Well first I have to cut up all the flannel shirts I bought at the thrift shops and piece them together for the back.

Time will tell. :-)

Friday, January 9, 2009

UFO Busting!

Since this was going to be the title of my next post anyway I thought it appropriate that I join Kris and May Britt's UFO challenge.

I finished step 1 of Bonnie Hunter's new mystery, "Double Delight". I think it's going to be lovely but I'm not pressuring myself to finish it right away. In between each step I'm going to bust my stack of UFOs.

Big news is Grandson #2! He was born on New Year's Eve. More grandma heaven for me. :-)

Lots of sorting out and cleaning of The Sandbox. I sorted and made a listing of the quilting UFOs. YIKES! We won't even mention all the other stuff I want to do. :-D