Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sweet Baby James

Actually the baby's his nephew, but JT's music sure is sweet. Last night we went to the James Taylor and His Band of Legends concert at the "Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion at Walnut Creek", in Raleigh. (I'm all for corporate sponsorship, but isn't that a ridiculously long name for a venue?)

It was a rainy, windy and chilly day yesterday, in the 50s. And the day before was in the low 90s! Sheesh. It didn't discourage anyone though. There were even tailgaters in the parking lot with their barbeque's and beer. Most of us wore jackets and carried blankets to wrap up in but some were dressed in shorts, t-shirts and sandals! *shiver*

As per usual we had some oddies sitting in front of us. (not the heads you see in the photo) A grey-haired male couple sat down directly in front of me. No problem. But one of them clearly wasn't interested in the music and spent the whole time either whispering in his partner's ear or gazing around in such a way that it blocked my view. The perfectly-nice-gentleman sitting to their left seemed to make him uncomfortable so they moved over a seat (yay). Then when some other men came and sat down on their right I guess partner was uncomfortable so they moved back (sigh). And at the break they moved over to the right again (?). Then the perfectly-nice-gentleman moved to the other side of his lady/date/wife and they moved back left again (for heaven's sake). They came late and left quite early so all this was going on during the performance. I wonder why they spent the money to come? Especially as they didn't want to sit next to anyone. Weird.

The Tramp was highly excited to discover that Blue Lou was one of the Band of Legends! Not long after we sat down, Blue Lou himself suddenly appeared, to visit with some folks two rows behind us. I thought The Tramp was going to fall out of his seat. LOL

As is always the case at a James Taylor concert the music was absolutely top notch. The band did many songs from JT's forthcoming "covers" album so we were treated to more than just the wonderful old favorites. I'm now looking forward to the new release more than ever!

So here he is, front and center! Great music, THREE encores, a new t-shirt and I'm one happy fan. :-D


Candace said...

I have always been a James Taylor fan, so I am envious, but glad you got to go. He has an unmistakable voice, and is always a joy to listen to.

Renee said...

One of my most fondest memories is going to a JT and Carole King concert. I just saw a program on PBS that was honoring him. How great that you got to see him. Now on to the next OC step. Renée