Monday, May 26, 2008

Sewing and Mowing....Again!

The theme is recurring...sigh. The grass grows and the UFOs do too!

The Tramp and I have both been feeling better so we're taking advantage of the long weekend to get some stuff done around here. As usual the list is longer than the hours we have but oh well, we'll do our best.

Yesterday The Tramp donned his coverall and went down under the house again to bring cable to the sitting room. Since our addition was kind of tacked onto the back of the house, leaving the back stoop and outside brick wall intact and now on the interior of the house, the access to the crawl space is inside the house too. Each time someone has to go down there, the damp, earthy smell stinks up my house! Ick. The Tramp quietly goes about his business of scooting into the crawl space to work on something, then comes out calling for my help. Not knowing that's where he is, I walk into the room and get the bejesus frightened out of me every time by him rising, black with filth, out of the hole! LOL

We also mowed the lawns, reduced the burn pile, started painting the plastic lawn furniture, and in general got stuff done.

Of course I can't really complain about the opportunity to mow the lawn. We are so lucky to be out of the drought! One day last week we had a couple of nasty storms pass through. There was no chance the gutters could keep up with the wind and rain. And it hailed!

And since it has been raining we can finally feel comfortable lighting the burn pile. It's been steadily growing. The Tramp had a pleasant couple of hours playing with fire and water. :-) Ngaire "helped".

Mostly Ngaire was interested in the part of the job that involved water. She LOVES to play with the water from the hose. It's hard to water the garden with her constantly darting in to attack the stream of water! :-) Here she's guarding the hose and hoping The Tramp is going to spray around the fire again.

This week I've been working on my Bargello Bowl quilt. I'm practicing "line dancing" with my new BSR and learning (by trial and error) how to manipulate the large amount of fabric in the machine. Tricky! I had to set up a folding table to make it easier.

Oh...and the madness this week was Belle being bitten by a larger dog. Her fault...sigh. She was a very lucky little dog. She has a nasty stitched up wound, which you'll be happy to know I won't take a photo of! She improves every day thank goodness. :-)

So I have instead, a couple of gratuitous photos of Ngaire the Nut. I don't know how she can sleep like that. Oh my aching spine!

Then after I stepped over her a few times, she curled into a ball the other way and went right back to sleep. Isn't it nice to be young and flexible!


meggie said...

Nice post Katie. Love to read about your life there. Your garden looks nice & large. Ngaire is a lovely dog. Hope Belle suffers no long term ills. Tiny dogs often see themselves as very large!

SubeeSews said...

Love your Bargello. That sure is alot stuffed under the arm...could you have left the majority on the outside of the machine. I was taught to work from the middle out. That way it only gets easier. But I do not like machine quilting that way. I have a Janome6500P on a B-Line frame.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Aren't dogs funny?? I just love them.
WE had rain too and it was great and needed. I love sewing when it's cool out and raining. Nothing better!!

Ginger Patches said...

I love your bargello quilt! So do you love your new Bernina with the BSR? I used to put a table behind my machine when I was doing a big quilt but I read somewhere about putting your sewing table up against a wall and now I prefer that way. I'm so glad Belle is o.k.!
I absolutely love your backyard by the way :)

Lynn said...

You've been busy this past week. I too am very grateful that the drought is over. But who knows what this summer will bring. I have been pulling out azaelas that we lost last summer because of it. Why do big dogs always lay in the most inconvenient spot?

Anonymous said...

Oh isn't it great to finally get rain? I love how green things are looking but the humidity can definitely disappear ;-)