Monday, May 19, 2008

Sewing and Mowing...

Busy, busy, busy. I'm getting very good at finding reasons not to spend a few minutes posting. Not the least of which is that The Tramp and I seem to be having a bad run of migraines. I'm hoping it's just the seasonal change thing and the days of pain will be over soon.

Anyway...we have been busy nonetheless. I've jumped on the thrift shop bandwagon. I haven't found any "terrific" bargains but I have been buying cotton shirts and things for making Bonnie's Blue Ridge Beauty quilt. This is the photo from Bonnie's website. I'm determined to do the "leaders and enders" thing. I hope mine comes out like this!

So I put my first load of thrifted clothing through the wash. (The stuff on the right) I had shirts, skirts, capris and of all things, a maternity dress.

Ngaire was pretty bored with the whole laundry thing (it didn't involve tennis balls) so she made herself comfortable under the towels.

Then I mowed "my" bit of lawn. I do the part by the gardens with the little electric mower. The Tramp takes care of the rest with the big orange beast. Too noisy for me! The other stuff I bought at the thrift shop were plates. I'm using them to edge the garden.

The garden is starting to shape up. Not that you can tell from this photo. The lawn is still pretty bad. Still full of holes from the tree removal session. And the bit of long grass with the fence around it in front of the garden is our own private little cesspool. We're hoping the septic people will be here by the end of this week!

I had to fence it to stop myself from stepping in it. Which I did.....twice! Ewwwwww.

The weather has been sooooo beautiful I can sit outside with my piles of shirts and things and start to cut them up.

And while I'm working, the intrepid Ngaire protects our yard from the neighbor's cats. She's very serious about it. Just as serious as the cats are about teasing her. Here she is with every hair on her body quivering with excitement.

And she wears a groove in the ground running back and forth. (much to the amusement of the cats)

I have also finally finished putting the little colored plastic backs on my basting pins. Ouch. What a job. I didn't realize it was going to require a pair of pliers and several hours work!

Today I basted the Bargello Bowl quilt...finally.

I even managed to do it without stepping on Madam's nose. :-) (Those cats wear her out.)

I also finished the rest of Part 4 of Orange Crush. Phew! Those last 10 blocks are the hardest. :-) The DVD player in my sewing room stopped working so The Tramp hooked up another one. He also hooked up my dad's leftover stereo to it and attached an Airport Express so I can listen to iTunes in there as well. So I watched Jethro Tull Live at Montreux while finishing the blocks this morning and then enjoyed cranking up iTunes while I basted. Nice. Thanks honey.


Andee said...

Your BargelloBowl looks great! I made one back with Bonnie and I love it (am curled up with it now in fact!) though mine is a duvet cover. I need to get that magazine and think about doing the leaders and enders project too...Bonnie sure makes it seem easy!

Amanda said...

So sorry to hear about the migraines - hope they settle down soon. I'm fascinated - is there a practical point to the plates as edging, or is it just decorative?

Lynn said...

You've been busy. I'm still trying to finish up my last 11 OC blocks. Your garden pictures are nice. I've been wanting to plant a small japanese maple in my yard -like yours.

Tine said...

That bargelloquilt looks great! And I can see why you want to make the blue quilt, it's a lot of cutting though....

Lori said...

I love your Bargello.I too have the Blue Ridge Beauty on my list.

Angie said...

Katie, I do hope your headaches go away, and stay away. Your Bargello is beautiful! The border really sets it off. I made one with Bonnie on superbowl weekend. It was so much fun, I plan to do another one sometime for myself. I gave the first one away. Your garden sounds a lot like ours. I'm filling in holes and ruts made by the tree cutters too. Reseeding the lawn in spots. Yes, I am having fun finding the plaid shirts at the thrift shop to cut up too. Your garden plates look like Fiestware---it's not is it? I collect Fiestaware and if they are I'll be right over! (grin)

MARCIE said...

Nice going with your bargello! The border looks great also!

Cathie said...

Hi Katie. Poor, poor pup got a nip on her head. I do hope she is recovered. As for Ngaire - how precious he follows you around like that and sits out by the laundry line!!! Dogs do make our world so much more wonderful, don't they!
Your bargello is gorgeous - so colorful and fun. You will enjoy quilting it, I'm sure. And with regard to your yard - looking good! I love love love the idea of the colorful plates as edging. I just may have to try that somewhere in my yard. Clever idea.
Take care Katie - I'll be seeing you at Guild!