Friday, May 9, 2008

One lucky mama

That's me! More Mother's Day goodies arrived today. Our poor mail carrier. It must have been hard to get the box in the mailbox because I had a heck of a time prying it out. :-)

Looky what I got from Eldest Daughter and her SO! Bagels! Woot! I couldn't figure out what the smell was at first when I opened the box. LOL So of course my study now reeks smells of lovely everything bagels as well as plain and cinnamon raisin. Very cool.

Things just kept coming up from the packing paper. Including this...

Chocolate of course... (they know me so well)

Also a cute one-of-a-kind card and a copy of the latest issue this magazine. Eldest Daughter is one of the editors and she also took the cover photo this month! It's cherry blossoms at Branch Brook Park in Newark, NJ. I'm kind of sad I missed seeing them this year. It's a spectacular display.

Lucky me. Thanks guys.

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