Sunday, March 13, 2011


I didn't realize how long it had been since I posted. Mom called me on it today.  Moms just love to point out things like that. Always.  :-)

I don't think there is much that can be said about what is going on in Japan.  Just keep praying.

MD and SIL came for a visit.  Baby is due in May and it was a joy to see and pat the belly.  :-)  I also finished and gave them their wedding quilt and let it get away without a photo.  I guess I just couldn't take my eyes off the belly.  LOL

Dog training has been ongoing. Mostly successful....some days.  The thing we haven't been able to conquer yet is walking all three dogs together. Ngaire especially, gets extremely frantic and anxious if we all go out together and we haven't figured out why or how to calm her down. Sigh. So still a work in progress.  I think we need to try taking much more time waiting for them to calm down before we leave the house.  Maybe.  On this occasion we managed to get two of them to lie down and at least look calm.

But Maisy was so excited she couldn't settle down.  Every time we told her to sit she managed to sit further away until she was finally in the kitchen!  Too funny.

I've switched Ivy back to her head collar and it seems to be working better.  Bad photo!  In going for the calm-submissive thing I'm never sure what to do with Ivy.  She is always submissive....but never calm.  So the head collar gave her something to think about.

We've been in severe drought this spring so the recent rains have been a blessing.  The creek was actually babbling! When I took the photo I was focused on the water and didn't notice what looks like writing on the railing.  I'll have to go back and see what it is.  Heh.

Blogger is acting funny today.  I have to add each photo one at a time.  Hmmmm.  Hope it sorts itself out.  Anyway.....each day the pond is prettier and there is more to see on our walks.  I'm just loving springtime.  :-)

As the weather was amazing, today we did some gardening and while we worked the ducks and geese on the pond were very active.  One little mallard female was being ganged up on by three males, who chased each other all around the pond...for hours.  The ring-necked ducks were putting up a bit of a flap as well.  The geese and mergansers didn't seem quite so charged up by hormones and the warm day.  And it was warm!  I better get all my heavy gardening done soon.  It's going to be summer any day now.  Sheesh.

Charlie shared a bit of my breakfast earlier this week.  Only toast crumbs though.  There is just something weird about giving a bird egg to eat.  Same with chicken.  Yes I know birds eat birds, but just not in my house thank you!

 And I have been sewing.  This quilt is a wedding gift.  I took some photos while it was up on the wall to make sure I liked the placement of the blocks.  It's a square-in-a-square made with a Spumoni Bali Pop.  I've sewn the top together and it's waiting for me to buy the backing and binding fabrics.  Love the colors.

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Wendy said...

Lucky you to have spring already! We're still battling snow up here in Canada and Maine!

Love that new quilt!