Sunday, February 27, 2011


This evening we went to dinner with friends and then to a concert up at NC State.  Very recent Grammy winners,  Stanley Clarke and Hiromi.  Outstanding!

On the home front, dog training continues.  Day 2 was a walk with Ivy.  Not quite so successful as Ngaire, but then I didn't expect it.  :-)  We walked around the still new-looking park.

Even inside the park the sidewalk ends.  Sigh.

But they do have a spectacular brick paved walk.

Lots of sidewalk chalk art.

And when you leave the park the sidewalk ends there too.  But it's a nice quiet road so I shouldn't complain.

Day 3 (Friday) was another walk with Ngaire, just as pleasant as the first! It was warm and windy and glorious....and I remembered the better camera.  We seem to have just one crocus down by the mailbox.

One of the larger turtles was swimming along keeping an eye on us.

Others were milling around waiting for us to go away so they could come out for some sun.

It was quite windy and refreshing.  And the clouds were moving fast.

I can be a little shy about taking photographs on a public street in an obvious way, but this, though it's right beside a very busy road, was too good to miss.  :-)

The mergansers were swimming about.  Still not a good photo.  Sigh.  Some times there are two couples.  I don't know where they go when they aren't here.

The geese hissed mightily at us for daring to walk by.


 And a nice sit-down on the back porch with a cup of tea, and watching the trees blowing in the wind.  :-)


Jenny said...

Turtles! Now, that is something that we do not have living wild here in New Zealand. There may well be some as pets, but that is not quite the same, is it. Thanks for showing your great wild life photos, it is interesting to see pics from other places.

Mama Koch said...

Windy and refreshing?! haha That's an understatement here on the prairie.

You can't have redbuds yet. It's our state tree and ours aren't out yet!

Love your house. It's beautiful against the trees and the skylight..I want one!