Thursday, March 17, 2011

Live and learn

Lots of reasons to say "live and learn" today.  Not the least of which is trying to figure out exactly what is going on in Japan and to determine what is the best course of action (or non-action)...whether you are close or far away.  As usual, I don't believe the media is doing anyone a service.  This post is rather well said: Post from Tokyo.  Not the first I have read with that opinion, Japanese and not.  Quilting blogger, Tanya, also voices her confusion over conflicting information.  It's no wonder The Tramp spends a considerable amount of time reading forums about self-sufficiency and preparing for the worst.  Sigh.

Using my Walkmeter information I learned today that one of our favorite walks is 1.72 miles.  Yesterday I took that same route with Ngaire and Ivy.  It took quite a while for Ngaire to settle down and my arms and shoulders were sore last night.

 I'm struggling to find ways of calming Ngaire down.  It's hard to tell if she is fearful or just nervous or what.  When we got home I made them lie down in the yard and just stood there for about 20 minutes until they appeared calm.  It possibly made a bit of a difference in today's walk with Ngaire and Maisy.  Maybe.

If nothing else, it was a gorgeous morning for a walk.  :-)

Back at home, I spent some quality (I hope) time with Charlie.  We sat in the sun in front of the big window while we ate my Cheerios.  :-)  He started out on my shoulder, nibbling on my ears (ouch) and pulling little hairs on my neck (ouch!)

Then he got interested in the cell phone making camera noises.

Climbed down my arm to investigate.

Checked behind the phone.

Then decided it was good to nibble on.

Hard to tell what this is a picture of.  Beak?  Tongue?  ?

Ok.  That's done.

Back up the sweatshirt hill.

Oh look!  There's the other ear to chew on.

Sore shoulders are also due to quilting yesterday.  Oh how quickly we get out of practice!  I agreed to quilt this charity quilt pieced by Mom.

Simple large meander in the center, but what to do with the border?  I spotted Wiggly Woven Lines on Leah Day's weblog and decided to try it.  This is the good corner.

I thought, nice, this is pretty straight forward, just jump right on in.  Well!  How easily I am fooled.  It didn't take me long to realize it actually requires a bit of thought and planning.   Duh.  Once again I'm reminded I'm not a critical thinker and I need to stop and think things through.  Ah well.  Someone is going to enjoy the quilt just fine.  :-)  Today I have to finish a wheelchair quilt to hand in tonight.  Oh my sore shoulders......

Live and learn.  

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Starzie said...

how do you stop the thread from unraveling in the quilting around the corners? as in what pattern do you follow so you don't have to reverse stitch each line?