Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quack quack

I think I mentioned we were going to see James Taylor Saturday night.  And we did!  Actually it was James and his son Ben or....as he was introduced, Benjamin Simon Taylor.   They went back and forth between James' music and Ben's, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.   James Taylor had broken his left leg the previous week skiing in Utah.  The news reports said he had a movable splint fashioned for it, but we couldn't see much evidence of the injury except that the choreography was more restrained than usual and he limped off at intermission and particularly at the end.  I actually got a so so picture with my phone!  Ben on the left and James on the right.  Great stuff!

Today was a lovely day and as usual it was busy here on the pond.

The two canada geese are still hanging around and I saw the great blue heron this morning.  The turtles are ever-present.  Up to twenty of them at a time haul out onto the grass to enjoy the sunshine.  Right now though, the real action is with the mallard ducks.  I went out to pick up the redo of my new glasses (so far so good) and when I got home I strolled down the driveway to pick up the mail.  It was so nice to stand in the sun after so many gloomy days I ended up standing there by the pond just soaking it in.  :-)

(I really should go out with a better camera in hand than the cell phone.)  The Lady Banks rose is starting to bloom.

Under the rose bush I had unearthed a clematis.  Don't know what kind it is yet but I think it's enjoying some air and sun.

I also uncovered three miniature roses.  :-)

And the ducks.  They were in rare form.  They all look alike and they are moving around so much it's hard to count them, but I think there are two females and about five males.  Lots of flying around chasing, splashing and quacking.   They were so intent on the chase it was like I wasn't there.  Not that they are afraid of people anyway....but geez!  They kept swooping by me with noisy flapping wings and at one point nearly clipped me on the back of the head!

The one above has just landed in the water after chasing the one below, who is hiding behind me on the road.  Hard to see, but he was so intent on his "quarry" he mowed down the turtle in the center of the picture and several more closer to the edge. 

It was funny listening to the slapping of their feet on the pavement.

And here they come again!  Female in front and two pursuers.

She also hid behind me while these two quacked about it.

In the car I had just been listening to NPR's The Story, which had a segment called "Searching Out Silence," about George Hempton who is an international acoustic ecologist.  He talked about intentional listening to the environment around you.  So I thought I would spend a few moments concentrating on listening....at which time the propane truck showed up.  Of course.  But it left pretty quickly and I enjoyed a few minutes listening to the ducks, birds all around me, a red-shouldered hawk in particular, and a woodpecker, a neighbor working on his camper, my dogs barking in the house, and the general sound of community around me.  Nice.

The turtles are silent, but we commune nonetheless.  :-)

Then...sigh...I figured I should go inside and finish cleaning house.  A friend is coming over for a sewing day tomorrow.  Yay!

One last look at blue sky and new leaves.....for tomorrow it rains again.

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Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Love me some James Taylor! I didn't know his son also performed, but that makes sense considering his siblings are also musically talented.

Yesterday was a beautiful day to be outside, wasn't it!