Saturday, March 19, 2011

Due East

This morning I woke totally out of sorts.  Poor Tramp.  Send him a sympathy card.  It was a gorgeous day though.  For breakfast I had peanut butter and jelly (did I say I was out of sorts?) and sat in the sun eating it and listening to the birds carry on outside.  I think the dogs enjoyed the quiet moment least when they weren't drooling over my sandwich.  :-)

After some needlessly roundabout discussion (I believe I said I was out of sorts), the project for the weekend turned out to be the back porch.  The screens are/were old and ripped and the dogs have just made them worse.  After we ripped down the screens it was amazing how much brighter the porch became! Not that you can tell from this picture of course.

The Tramp changed the ceiling fan for my fave red one.  Now we have light on the porch after dark too.  :-)

At some point this morning (again with the roundabout discussion) we decided the only way to really lighten up the porch was to paint all that dark beadboard.  Heh.  I love the look of beadboard, but painting it is an evil job.  Sigh.  But the first coat of white is on!  We only quit because it was getting dark.  I want to get the job done!  We are scrimping and saving all the bits of trim we tore off to get to get the screens down and I must have spent over an hour as the light was fading, painting all the bits (another evil job).  After scrubbing all the skin off my hands along with the paint (house paint with built in primer--also pretty evil), we went out for some comfort food.  Buffalo chicken fingers for The Tramp and fully loaded pizza for us both.  :-p

Here's some food for thought.  (I made a pun!)  Did you ever notice, while doing a DIY project...ostensibly to save a bunch of much money you spend on takeout and restaurant food because you are too exhausted to cook and the kitchen is a disaster anyway because of the detritus from your DIY job???  Hmmmmm??

After pizza we stood on the porch for a while admiring the supermoon.  Very cool.  It managed to look very Halloweeny in the tree branches.  Not a bad photo for an iPhone either.  I love the effect.

While I was finishing up painting in the dusk we started to hear a strange noise off in the distance.  We listened and speculated but couldn't figure out what it was.  Of course when we went out front to the car, we discovered it was some kind of peepers on the pond.  Duh.  So I recorded a little video of the sound, with the moon (due east) and the red reflection on the road from the streetlight.  It's quite loud.  (turn up your sound)  Of course Charlie squawked and Maisy barked at a distant dog.  :-)

Maybe they will sing me to sleep.  :-)

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Lynn said...

Smart move painting your porch white, that will make a big difference. I love my white porch, although it needs frequent cleaning. Smart to do it before the attack of the yellow pollen begins. That was a interesting moon and I thought it did look spooky too. Did you know it was called a perigee moon and was the brightest moon in the past 20 years?