Tuesday, March 15, 2011

(naming posts is the hardest part)

I picked up my new glasses yesterday and went back today to get them adjusted. Oh my did they hurt! Now if I can just get over feeling sick and dizzy while wearing them.... Sigh.

The weather was incredible over the weekend.  The Tramp and I took a lovely long walk Saturday....without the dogs.   I took this photo of the gorgeous blue sky while we rested in the park.

I downloaded a cool app for my iPhone called Walkmeter.  Not only does it record your walk time, the app uses the GPS to capture distance, pace, calories and all kinds of statistics you choose.  It also shows your route on Google Maps and when you are done you can name and save the route if you want, record the statistics for future reference and record it on the calendar.  You can compete against yourself or others too.  Being a bit of a map geek I got a real bang out of seeing our route superimposed over Google Maps.  It's not 100% accurate, but darned close.  I never would have known we walked almost four miles!  And I also now know it's about at the three mile mark when my feet start to hurt. Hence the rest in the park.  :-)

The turtles enjoyed the weather too.  This big one held it's ground as I crept closer for a picture.

The other ones were here and there watching the neighborhood action.

Sunday morning was very lazy.  :-)
Today, after the trip to get the glasses adjusted, I baked bread, made a batch of dog stew, and got busy with some sewing.  The plan is to have two charity quilts ready to go to the guild meeting on Thursday.

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Tonya Ricucci said...

oh nooo, sorry to hear you're not happy with your new glasses. hope that gets sorted soon and you look gorgeous in them! wow, beautiful day to take a walk.