Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Azalea days

The azaleas yesterday....

The azaleas today!  Wow.  Can you say color explosion?

The porch is looking pretty good too.  I had breakfast out there this morning in my jammies.  Our yard is somewhat private already but the addition of the lattice makes the porch feel even more private.  I like it.  :-)  We also ditched the large table in favor of a small one.  Much better.

The lattice is actually intended to keep dog toenails from ripping the new screens.   We would have to buy another whole 4x8 sheet to do the doors so it's still under consideration.  It might be more of an issue later, after we get a fence, when dogs will be jumping at the doors to come in.

See the bush through the left door?  (ignore our demo debris on the deck!)  We were standing right about where that chair is and large red-shouldered hawk landed in the yard just beyond the bush.  We didn't dare breathe!  I think it missed whatever it was after so flew to a tree in the next yard.  It sat there for a minute making hawk noises then soared off through the trees.  Such a stunningly beautiful creature.  Wow.  (photo from Wikipedia)

The addition of a light made it possible for us to have dinner out here last night too.  Sigh...I still have trim painting to do though.

But it was a gorgeous day so I decided not paint, but celebrate and go for an azalea pink pedicure.  Summer feet!  Yay!  :-D

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Lynn said...

On saturday we had a hawk sitting on our deck rail. It was after the squirrels which raid the bird feeder. I had my camera handy, but the battery was out, darn! I'm pruning my azealas after they bloom, a massive haircut for them.