Sunday, February 20, 2011

Where the sidewalk ends

It was Ngaire's turn for a long walk Thursday morning before breakfast.  Now we all know I'm used to northern New Jersey type urban living.  So I just can't get used to the dearth of sidewalks here.  The sidewalk always ends!  And we won't even mention the appearing and disappearing lanes on the roads, that's another story.

So rather than tiptoe along the side of a very busy road we took the alternative route.  Across a field, down a slope...a well traveled slope I may add.

Startled a pair of geese on a pond.

 Headed towards the creek.

Hopped the creek.  Or rather Ngaire did.  I teetered ungracefully from stone to stone.  :-)  (This is the creek where The Tramp twisted his ankle at Christmas.  It was full of moving water then!)

Through a short woodsy patch and back onto the road.

Then back to home sweet home.  :-)

Along the way...I kid you not...I saw this!  I'm wondering if her husband had seen it yet!

When we arrive home, the dogs who were left behind go crazy and get the angst out of their systems, and then we get ready for breakfast.  Ngaire and Ivy are watching for my signal to eat.  Crazy Maisy is making sure her food doesn't suddenly disappear. 

The Juki got to stretch it's legs on Thursday too, as I rushed to finish quilting a charity quilt before the guild meeting.  I didn't piece it, I just volunteered to quilt it.  A great way to get some practice!  Since it was Christmas fabrics I went for loops with holly leaves.  It's not too bad.

On Friday I spray based two more quilts (2010 Christmas UFOs, would you believe!) and they're patiently waiting.

Today was garage cleaning day.  We bought more shelving, put it together, then sorted, shelved and tossed.  Very satisfying.  I brought my laptop down to the garage and as we sorted I listed about a dozen items on Freecycle.  Of course it meant I had to constantly monitor my email but everything is either spoken for or picked up already so we're very pleased.  There is also a thrift shop pile and a Craigslist pile which we'll worry about tomorrow. 

The dogs had me up early this morning.  Of course I had to admire the pond.  :-)

Then I turned my attention to the eleven brown bananas on my countertop.  Three loaves of banana bread before 9 am.  I must be sick or something.  I keep forgetting I don't like to cook!

Oh for heavens sake! Put that camera away already.

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