Friday, February 11, 2011

Slosh, slosh, slosh....

Today The Tramp and I took a trip to the outlet mall.  Yes, that huge monument is the sign for the mall....which we missed as we drove by the first time.  It's big enough you'd think it would be obvious wouldn't you.  But...we missed it.  And on the way back I missed my Kodak moment.  Easy to do in a moving vehicle don'tcha know.

But we're glad we missed the turn because we found this!

Yep.  A diner, y'all!  Not quite up to Jersey diner standards but all in all a nice place, with nice people, and nice food.

I tried to get a picture as we went by, but again....the moving vehicle thing.  It had comfortable booths, diner decor and neato curved glass block windows in the corners.

After we got home this afternoon it was Ivy's turn for a walk.  As I came back 'round the pond the late day sun made the willow tree look like Midas had touched it.  An obvious Kodak moment.  And this time no moving vehicle...just a moving Ivy.  :-)  The geese always have a hissy fit when we walk past them.  And the pair of mergansers always swim quickly away.  They are quite small and I can never get close enough for a decent photo...especially with a cell phone.  They must swim miles and miles a day just avoiding the everyday activity around the pond.

Ivy has a backpack too.  It's a different brand than Ngaire's and it fit her badly.  So last night I tucked and sewed to shorten it quite a bit and today it's much better.  She's carrying water bottles too.  It's pretty funny as she sloshes along on her walk.  We were thinking of putting sand in the bottles instead....but then what fun would that be?

Ok.  I smiled for the camera.  Can I go inside now???

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Lorraine said...

Cute smile for the camera! those backpacks are the pic of the "gold" tree!