Friday, February 4, 2011


My sewing mojo seems to be back. Today I finished an Amy Butler Nappy Bag and I really enjoyed it! I don't know exactly what's been holding me back but it seems to be mostly gone. Wow. I just realize it's been since last January when we were de-cluttering to put the other house on the market. That kind of stuff just takes the wind out of your sails I guess. Anyway, the bag came out just fine and now I can have fun filling it with baby goodies. :-)

The other is kitchen mojo.  Darned if I know why I'm choosing to spend large chunks of time in the kitchen.  Weird.  Really weird.  But I did it again today.  I could have been doing so many other things but I wrestled with flour and peanut butter, rolling pin and cookie cutter to make treats for the dogs.



Lynn said...

Probably got it back since your new sewing room is all done and you've organized other areas of your house. You can come work on my house next. Lucky doggies, my dogs favorite treat is store bought gingersnaps.

Lorraine said...

I found the same after I packed and moved....took me ages to find things and get back into stitching.....maybe you love to be in the kitchen because it's a nice kitchen?