Monday, February 21, 2011


It's funny...well no, not really "funny" at all...just an odd feeling. As I was getting ready to post a photo of the wonderful New Zealand cheddar I found, ESD (Evil Step-daughter) popped up online to see if we were aware of the earthquake in Christchurch. We were.  She and the rest of The Tramp's family are safe on the North Island but we are quite upset nonetheless. For myself, ever since being so close to the action on 9/11, I find the pictures of damaged buildings and rescues very hard to look at. I can only imagine the horror.

Putting that aside for the moment and going back to cheese.  I was very excited to find the cheese in Whole Foods and happy I could bring it home as a treat for The Tramp.  It really is very nice.

I was also actively looking for sausages for Bangers and Mash and despaired of finding anything but Italian or Polish sausage.  And lo and behold Whole Foods also had bangers!   What fun!  I really only go to Whole Foods for bulk goods but I guess I should go there more often.  :-)

Today was a gorgeous warm day and it was so nice to have the windows open.

I worked on getting all the straight-line quilting done on three quilts.  Yay!  Now they are waiting their turns on the Juki.

And this evening I got busy on another UFO, a wedding present.  It's just a square-in-a-square made from a Spumoni Bali Pop but I think it's going to look great.  Twenty-eight blocks down and only fifty-two more to go.  Slowly but surely this turtle is going to win.  :-)

And speaking of turtles....

There are five turtles sunning themselves on the bank of the pond and you can see the ripples in the water where the other four slid back into the pond as I approached.  I'm hoping the turtles are an omen of spring and good things to come! 

Back to the New Zealand news.  :-(

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Lynn said...

Sorry to hear that about New Zealand, but glad that everyone in your family is okay.
It's been so nice lately, the only downside is we saw our first snake in the yard. I guess if the turtles come out the snakes aren't far behind. I love whole foods, I'm completely hooked on their honey-roasted peanut butter. My justification for going there so often is their milk is cheap, with the amount my kids drink, the extras I buy there pay for themselves. Okay maybe not.